Album 0291: Dolorvotre – Dolorvotre


Release Date: 2011
Genre: Black Metal


1. Intro (01:47)
2. Brilliant Brightness (07:26)
3. DMT (05:48)
4. Worship Black Twilight (05:03)
5. Interlude (01:18)
6. Treasure Of Sin (06:02)
7. Carrion Of Immortality (07:35)
8. LSD (03:26)
9. Outro (01:34)

Total Length: 39:58

Intro is kind of strange. Some elongated screams with an acoustic guitar and synth backing. Strangely, it kind of works. Brilliant Brightness isn’t very good for the first third. It’s plodding and drawn out, but once it picks up it’s fairly good. I’ve never been a huge fan of lo-fi black metal, especially when it was released as recently as two years ago. That said, I get the idea behind it and the music is what’s important but I don’t think that aesthetic should be taken too far.

DMT gets going quickly, I don’t have to wade through boring for a few minutes. It’s decent, and I guess once they start doing some weird vocal effects combined with the names of some of the tracks, they expect you to listen to this album while on drugs. Whatever. Worship Black Twilight is easily the best track so far. Good intro and some great riffs, though it does kind of fall apart by the end.

Interlude is a nice little track, but it’s nothing special, I’ve heard stuff like it tons of times. Treasure Of Sin has some good moments in it, but I’m not really caught up by this album. Carrion Of Immortality is suddenly a lot less clear in how everything sounds, and doesn’t really appeal to me either. LSD has some neat riffs I suppose. Outro is kind of like the interlude in that I feel like I’ve heard it before, but I suppose it works. Basically I can’t say I dislike this album, but it does have some things I don’t enjoy and is not outrageously good in any capacity.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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