Album 0292: Ensiferum – Iron


Release Date: 2004
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Ferrum Aeternum (03:28)
2. Iron (03:53)
3. Sword Chant (04:45)
4. Mourning Heart (Interlude) (01:24)
5. Tale Of Revenge (04:31)
6. Lost In Despair (05:38)
7. Slayer Of Light (03:10)
8. Into Battle (05:53)
9. LAI LAI HEI (07:15)
10. Tears (03:19)
11. Battery (10:44)

Total Length: 53:58

Ferrum Aeternum is a beautiful opening. The percussion, woodwinds, and acoustic guitar all come together to perform something gorgeous. Unlike basic openings on some other album, this song can stand alone just fine on its own and works perfectly. Iron is pretty awesome. I have a fond memory of playing this song for some friends in high school and most of them were pretty impressed. It’s got just the right amount of cheese sprinkled on top.

Sword Chant has a really cool opening before going into the heaviness, and as always I love whenever multiple vocal types are mixed together like on this song. Mourning Heart (Interlude) is a nice little piece. It is an interlude, but I also like to think of it as an intro for the next track as well. Tale Of Revenge has some neat lyrics and an awesome main riff. I also really enjoy that the chorus is the calmest part, with some clean vocals to go along with it.

Lost In Despair was my favorite song from the album, and kind of still is. It’s just different enough to set itself apart and I love the lyrics and the mood. It’s a bigger song, and actually features very few harsh vocals. They are placed really well and give a certain emphasis when used. Slayer Of Light is more of a basic folk metal song, but it’s still pretty great. Again the vocals are kind of a highlight.

Into Battle is a really cool song, yet I’ve never really latched on to it. I listen to it, it sounds good, and then that’s about all I get out of it. LAI LAI HEI could be considered the climax of the album. It’s a large song with lots of things going on. I just love the first few minutes and how everything builds, and then the chorus is almost humorous but it’s done in absolute seriousness so it all checks out.

Tears is kind of unexpected, in a way. It’s entirely folky and only has a female vocal. Different but really nice because the melody and everything is great. Battery is a cover of the classic Metallica song. It’s played well but it’s also played really straight. The only real difference from the original is the addition of harsh vocals, otherwise it sounds identical. I would have liked for some folk elements to have been added. The actual song ends at just over five minutes. The rest of the time is silence until the last fifteen seconds, which are outtakes of the gang vocals in the chorus. Kind of useless. This album is pretty freaking awesome though, not a single bad track on it and it’s just real easy to get through.

Final Rating: 9.5/10

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