Album 0293: Streetlight Manifesto – Everything Goes Numb


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Everything Went Numb (03:30)
2. That’ll Be The Day (04:43)
3. Point/Counterpoint (05:28)
4. If And When We Rise Again (04:20)
5. A Better Place, A Better Time (06:28)
6. We Are The Few (04:57)
7. Failing, Flailing (05:29)
8. Here’s To Life (04:42)
9. A Moment Of Silence (05:13)
10. A Moment Of Violence (02:00)
11. The Saddest Song (03:19)
12. The Big Sleep (05:03)

Total Length: 55:10

Everything Went Numb is the perfect song to start off the album. Great opening, the lyrics are fast and catchy and everything is great. The little acoustic interlude, the horn section, everything is perfect. This song can easily get stuck in your head. That’ll Be The Day has a cool intro, and the song is fun to sing along to. Really all of the songs on here are. The only thing I don’t like about this track is the ending. It fades, we get some silence, and then there is a little tag at the end. Just feels like a waste of nearly twenty seconds.

Point/Counterpoint is an amazing song and easily one of the centerpieces of the album. It’s also extended from the demo version, bringing it to a considerable length. It also is the song that lends itself most to singing along, kind of similar to the title track on Keasbey Nights. Just not sure how one could dislike this song. If And When We Rise Again has a longer intro, and I go back and forth sometimes on whether or not I totally like it. The build-up is kind of nice, and the song is fantastic once it gets rolling. It even has a little neo-classical bit using some Russian dance piece.

A Better Place, A Better Time is a more somber song. It’s lyrics are a bit darker, but hopeful at the same time. The band also shortens it to ‘Annie’ on setlists, which I think is interesting. Pretty amazing song. We Are The Few is great as well, much more of a sing-along. Failing, Flailing is a bit odd in ways, but still a very great, strong song. Still not entirely sure what the lyrics mean but that’s okay. I do like the one section that sounds like a nursery rhyme.

Here’s To Life was originally a Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution song. This one is pretty similar but changes the lyrics of the chorus a bit and isn’t quite as varied in the instruments used. Fantastic song in any form. A Moment Of Silence is a slower track, with a calypso vibe. The lyrics are really cool, there’s even a shot at Catch 22. Very great song. The second part of it, in a sense, is A Moment Of Violence. This song is short and fast, the total opposite of the previous track. Probably my least favorite song on the album, but it’s got some good stuff.

The Saddest Song is more of a simple song than the rest of the album, but I love it still. Just catchy as crap. The Big Sleep is the big song to cap everything off. The lyrics go every which way and are always great. This is also the one time they bring in some violin on the album, giving it a different vibe there. This song is just amazing in every way. This is a near-perfect album. I don’t dislike a single track and even the ones I have issues with have minuscule problems. Love it.

Final Rating: 10/10


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