Album 0294: NOFX – The War On Errorism


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Punk


1. The Separation Of Church And Skate (03:10)
2. The Irrationality Of Rationality (02:32)
3. Franco Un-American (02:25)
4. Idiots Are Taking Over (03:23)
5. She’s Nubs (02:05)
6. Mattersville (02:29)
7. Decom-poseur (02:54)
8. Medio-core (03:05)
9. Anarchy Camp (02:54)
10. American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters) (01:52)
11. We Got Two Jealous Agains (02:04)
12. 13 Stitches (01:55)
13. Re-gaining Unconsciousness (02:39)
14. Whoops, I OD’d (02:50)

Total Length: 36:16

The Separation Of Church And Skate starts off this album with the slightly childish cover (which doesn’t bother me too much though) with a funny intro and a great musical buildup. I really like the vocal lines and how it matches the music. The Irrationality Of Rationality has a couple slower moments in it, and the whole song kind of plods to service the lyrics to be honest. Just only decent in the end.

Franco Un-American kind of sounds like a slowed-down Zolof song at some points, and that’s kind of the only thing I like about it. It just feels really slow and boring otherwise. Idiots Are Taking Over is pretty nice, I really like the bridge particularly. She’s Nubs is a nice change of pace, adding some comedy into this heavy-handed subject matter. Weird but good song, especially the intro.

Mattersville has some neat backing instruments, and the lyrics are pretty good. It has an issue I find a lot on this album though: songs going on too long. Plenty of tracks on here could have been shaved down as the band used to have them and not lose anything. Decom-poseur is pretty good. There is the same issue but it’s not the worst thing. Medio-core has some neat ideas but sadly I don’t feel that they were pulled off well.

Anarchy Camp is great to have some ska sneak in here, saxophone and all. Pretty great, fun track. American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters) is more like their usual style, fast and aggressive and shorter. Pretty great. We Got Two Jealous Agains is good, I like the riffs in it. 13 Stitches is full of neat references, but I don’t like the filter on the music. It would be cool for an intro and then have it open up but it just stays that way the whole time.

Re-gaining Unconsciousness is kind of good but doesn’t offer anything special for me. I like the lyrics though. Whoops, I OD’d is a slower track, pretty laid back and doesn’t have drums at all. Kind of a nice ending but once again the song goes on too long. The album starts off incredibly strongly but kind of falls apart for me. Lots of songs are boring and shouldn’t be as long as they are, and I kind of felt like having less of a ska influence was a negative thing.

Final Rating: 7/10


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