Album 0295: Skyfire – Timeless Departure


Release Date: 2001
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


1. Intro (02:07)
2. Fragments Of Time (03:32)
3. The Universe Unveils (04:56)
4. Skyfire (03:52)
5. Timeless Departure (06:50)
6. Bleed Through Me, Bleed For Me (05:10)
7. Dimensions Unseen (04:54)
8. By God Forsaken (04:58)
9. From Here To Death (05:33)

Total Length: 41:51

Intro is a pretty nice one of its type. Just kind of rolls with the idea of being a bunch of synths and is pretty nice. Fragments Of Time starts off kind of cheesily for my taste but it works well enough. The production is a bit weird though, just kind of like I can’t connect with it. Same issue I had with that Chasm album. This song is at least fun though and I like some of the lead guitars and different riffs.

The Universe Unveils kind of sounds like a less well-produced Kalmah, but the song kind of goes on too long. Skyfire is a better track. I like that it starts off fast and heavy and somehow manages to up the ante partway into the song. Timeless Departure has a lot of cool moments, though again the song could have been trimmed down. I also think that having some clean vocals thrown into the song could help liven things up.

Bleed Through Me, Bleed For Me has a really nice intro, and again I just wish the production or mixing were better. There are some really neat things going on in this track. Dimensions Unseen is kind of the point where I get tired of the album. Just kind of used to it and it doesn’t offer anything fresh. By God Forsaken has a pretty bad opening, decent otherwise. From Here To Death rounds things off with another track that doesn’t have anything new. I want to like this but it’s not as interesting as Kalmah and just blends together.

Final Rating: 6/10


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