Album 0296: The Lonely Island – Incredibad


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Comedy/Rap


1. Who Said We’re Wack? (01:17)
2. Santana DVX (02:35)
3. Jizz In My Pants (02:31)
4. I’m On A Boat (02:36)
5. Sax Man (02:07)
6. Lazy Sunday (02:20)
7. Normal Guy (Interlude) (01:04)
8. Boombox (The Lonely Island Song) (03:13)
9. Shrooms (Interlude) (00:34)
10. Like A Boss (01:47)
11. We Like Sportz (02:04)
12. Dreamgirl (03:13)
13. Ras Trent (02:07)
14. Dick In A Box (02:41)
15. The Old Saloon (Interlude) (01:06)
16. Punch You In The Jeans (02:47)
17. Space Olympics (02:55)
18. Natalie’s Rap (02:27)
19. Incredibad (02:54)

Total Length: 42:18

Who Said We’re Wack? is still the group’s best opening track so far. The jokes still work, I love the mix of overdone lyrics and regular lyrics. Funny ending too. Santana DVX has some funny lyrics and the backing music is pretty cool. E-40 being Santana is kind of strange but it all works. Jizz In My Pants is a classic. I like that they will toss in stuff like this, pretty much an electronic pop song in between all the rap, which they seem to be doing less these days. Great song.

I’m On A Boat is similarly a classic, pretty much huge from the first time it was played on SNL. Everything on it is great, not sure how you can hate it. Sax Man was funny the first few times I heard it, but it gets kind of tiring after a bit. Jack Black does fairly well on it. Lazy Sunday is another track that was huge on SNL. I don’t like it as much as I did the first time I heard it but it’s still pretty cool.

Normal Guy (Interlude) is a great tiny track. It’s kind of similar to one of Adam Sandler’s skits except not drawn out and the ending is great. Just fantastic. Boombox (The Lonely Island Song) is a really cool song. I normally don’t like stuff like this but it works mostly because of the silly lyrics and such. Just plain fun. Shrooms (Interlude) is kind of lovely. Simple and done well.

Like A Boss got popular on SNL, and is great here as well. Oddly they changed it to not be Seth Rogan giving the questions here, not sure why. Doesn’t really affect it too much. We Like Sportz is a great little track. Again I gotta say that there is nothing like this on their newer stuff. I especially love the juxtaposition of the two guys being really PC except for calling that one guy a ‘cunthole’. Dreamgirl gets a bit weird at points, but is still neat and I like a couple parts of it.

Ras Trent is friggin’ amazing. A super-white reggae song. It works in so many ways, I love it. I wish they would do more stuff of this quality that’s not just rap with funny lyrics. Dick In A Box is yet another classic from SNL. This album is kind of unfair, they had like four years of songs from SNL to put on here, compared to only two for the other albums. Simply great song here, Justin Timberlake works really well with them, though I don’t really like his solo stuff.

The Old Saloon (Interlude) is something I oddly really like. They’ve done some tracks like it on other occasions, but none of them are as good as this. Punch You In The Jeans is funky and funny. I just love singing along. Space Olympics is different and really cool. I don’t mean to harp on stuff, but this album has some unique stuff that is just way better and more consistent. I love this song and I’m sure most people don’t know it exists or don’t like it.

Natalie’s Rap is an amazing performance by Natalie Portman. Once again it works on a bunch of levels. The lyrics themselves are good, and Natalie saying these things completely goes against what most people believe her personality to be. Just perfect. Incredibad is once again pretty weird but great. It manages to have dialogue without breaking the flow of the music and everything is great. This whole album is strong. There is almost not a bad track on it and it’s a shame the group hasn’t been able to match it yet.

Final Rating: 9.5/10

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