Album 0297: Cobalt – Eater Of Birds


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Black Metal


1. When Serpents Return (06:42)
2. Ulcerism (07:26)
3. Ritual Use Of Fire I (04:43)
4. Blood Eagle Sacrifice (06:25)
5. Witherer (08:59)
6. Ritual Use Of Fire II (05:43)
7. Invincible Sun (09:42)
8. Androids, Automatons, And Nihilists (03:59)
9. Cephalopod (04:33)
10. Ritual Use Of Fire III (01:29)
11. Eater Of Birds (10:27)

Total Length: 01:10:10

When Serpents Return builds tension with its intro, the drums fading then pounding back in, before we get into it. Once it starts it doesn’t really stop either. Just a lot of great riffs and the vocals sound nice, great song. Ulcerism is just all around awesome for the same reasons. Great riffs and it never gets boring. Ritual Use Of Fire I calms things down a bit with an acoustic instrumental piece. Really nice and relaxing.

This transitions right into Blood Eagle Sacrifice which is one hell of a song. Just catchy and rough and awesome, it’d be hard to dislike this song. Witherer kind of slows things down a bit at first, but it picks up as well. Simply fantastic song as well. Ritual Use Of Fire II has some very strange altered vocals going on but they fit the atmosphere. Otherwise this is an acoustic track like before, again a nice break to give things some room to breathe in between tracks.

Invincible Sun has a slightly discouraging first few minutes. The stereo spectrum is kind of lopsided, but once a big riff hits and things get back to more what I’m used to it’s all better. Ends up being an awesome track for the most part. Androids, Automatons, And Nihilists quickly gets us back into the calm from the last track. It has some odd stuff in it and in my opinion mostly works as an intro for the next song.

Cephalopod is just fast and in your face and works well in that regard. Ritual Use Of Fire III is kind of the same deal as two tracks ago. It’s still a continuation of the tracks with the same name, but it also works as an intro for the final song. Nice little piece. Eater Of Birds is just an amazing song the whole through. Never boring and the ending is kind of neat as well. Honestly this is probably a stronger album than Gin. I like the structure better and everything just feels easier and more accommodating, at least to my ears.

Final Rating: 9/10


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