Album 0300: Oingo Boingo – Boi-Ngo


Release Date: 1987
Genre: New Wave/Pop/Rock


1. Home Again (05:15)
2. Where Do All My Friends Go (04:30)
3. Elevator Man (04:30)
4. New Generation (05:16)
5. We Close Our Eyes (03:39)
6. Not My Slave (04:43)
7. My Life (04:37)
8. Outrageous (03:46)
9. Pain (04:26)

Total Length: 40:42

Home Again is an amazing piano-driven track that starts off the album. The lyrics are great, it’s got so much different cool stuff going on. You can follow the keys or the bass or when the horns come in and it’s all fantastic. Simply one of the band’s best. Where Do All My Friends Go has a wonderful a capella intro that I can never help but sing along to, and the rest of the song is fantastic. The chorus in particular is ridiculously catchy.

Elevator Man is probably the cheesiest song on here. The lyrics aren’t the best as I guess this was just meant to be more of a dance song, but I don’t entirely mind them I guess. Probably my bias showing through though. New Generation is an odd song but still great. It’s funky and even has a section that is kind of like Danny is rapping, but it works. The lyrics are kind of cynical and really cool.

We Close Our Eyes is more of a ballad, and I can imagine that people more used to the band frantic sound being put off by this song, but it’s just so damn good. The lyrics are incredible and everything is great here. I’m also a big fan of the synths used. Not My Slave is a bit more of a simple pop song but is just a ton of fun honestly. The chorus is really catchy. My Life is probably my least favorite track on here, I just think that the pace is really slow and Danny’s singing is a bit weird. I still like some things about it though.

Outrageous is kind of the ignored song on here. It never got played live, for example. It’s kind of fun but also simplistic. Pain caps off the album and is probably the weirdest song on here, which is a perfect way to close it. The bass is funky, the lyrics are great, and the strange ways everything combines is fantastic. The synths use like a noise sample that works really well, and does kind of like a rain stick sound in the intro. The chorus is, as usual, amazing. This might be the band’s weakest album, but that’s still not saying a lot. There are more than a couple amazing tracks and even the lesser ones are still cool.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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