Album 0301: Urgehal – Atomkinder


Release Date: 2001
Genre: Black Metal


1. Atomkinder (04:22)
2. Nocturnal Revelation (07:06)
3. Through The Grace Of Hell (06:38)
4. Nyx (02:41)
5. Ripping Corpse (02:53)
6. Antichrist (03:25)
7. Bleed Suffer Die (01:13)

Total Length: 28:17

Atomkinder fades in pretty nicely, like we walked towards a concert that was already going. The song has a lot of cool riffs and the vocals work well. Of course my positive about the fade-in can’t necessarily be repeated when it happens on the second track too. Nocturnal Revelation has a neat galloping pace, and it keeps the song rolling and me interested. The last half of the song is great as well.

Through The Grace Of Hell is a bit of a slower song. This works fairly well, but I lost a tiny bit of interest about halfway through. Still not a bad track. Nyx is a cool shorter song. Ripping Corpse is a Kreator cover, which at least makes the song a bit more bass heavy. I don’t know the original well though. Same goes for Antichrist, being a Sepultura cover. It’s a neat song though. Bleed Suffer Die caps the album off with a very short track, and it’s alright. The first half of the album is way more interesting, I like hearing them play with riffs in a longer form, rather than short pieces.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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