Album 0302: Brian Tyler – Bubba Ho-Tep Original Soundtrack


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Soundtrack


1. Prologue (00:55)
2. Bubba (00:51)
3. The King (02:10)
4. Let’s Go, Man (01:50)
5. The King’s Highway (02:10)
6. A-C-T-I-O-N (02:30)
7. Bubba’s Lament (01:43)
8. The Ancient Curse (01:46)
9. Ghost Of The Scarab (01:02)
10. Trailer Park (02:02)
11. One Bad Ho-Tep (01:30)
12. The Mask Of Kemosabe (02:06)
13. The Shady Rest (00:53)
14. PBBS (02:02)
15. Baby (00:45)
16. The Hero’s Hallway (01:36)
17. Elder Hole (02:07)
18. Flashback Baby (01:38)
19. Body Bag Of Fun (01:18)
20. Regret (00:53)
21. The Mummy’s Eye (01:58)
22. Smokin’ Nurse (01:49)
23. The Decision (00:58)
24. Death Of A President (01:04)
25. The Sebastian Haff Show (01:11)
26. Haff Rising (01:13)
27. Investigation (01:24)
28. Thank You Very Much (00:42)
29. All Is Well (02:15)
30. Bubba Ho-Tep End Title Themes (05:40)

Total Length: 50:00

Prologue is a nice intro, creepy and serves its purpose well. Bubba is the first time we hear pretty much my favorite theme in this whole soundtrack. This also feels like the Last of Us soundtrack at this point and that brings forth many emotions. The King is transitioned into well, and builds on that same theme wonderfully. Let’s Go, Man is pretty heavy and a lot of fun. Basically not what you usually get with a film soundtrack.

The King’s Highway is similarly kind of nice as its own song. A-C-T-I-O-N covers a fair bit of ground but isn’t too interesting on its own. Bubba’s Lament brings back that theme I love. The Ancient Curse is a nice atmospheric thing, not much to really say about it. Ghost Of The Scarab is the same. Trailer Park kind of embodies trailer parks particularly well, in a nasty, grungy way. One Bad Ho-Tep starts off neat but doesn’t really go there.

The Mask Of Kemosabe is another iteration of that great theme, just plain nice. The Shady Rest is pretty cool, kind of a lounge vibe. PBBS is sort of a rockabilly song, it’s got that fast guitar solo in it and everything. Cool on its own even. Baby is a nice little piece, and leads directly into The Hero’s Hallway which is great. Elder Hole is a decent little track. Flashback Baby is about the same, it just doesn’t work here.

Body Bag Of Fun is really cheesy, like daytime TV cheesy, but it’s not terrible. Regret is a nice little piece. The Mummy’s Eye has some cool bits in it that are kind of creepy. Smokin’ Nurse is okay, I like some of the background stuff I guess. The Decision is fairly nice while Death Of A President is great. The Sebastian Haff Show picks up the pace, in a great way. Haff Rising is a strange little piece, not bad though.

Investigation has some of that nice creepiness. Thank You Very Much is a cool track, kind of bringing things together. All Is Well does the same for some of the other themes to cap off the film/soundtrack. Bubba Ho-Tep End Title Themes combines most of the good stuff into a single track. This soundtrack has my usual issues with soundtracks. I’m fine with including stuff that’s meant for the film, but sometimes it just doesn’t work on its own. Also the repetition of themes is more noticeable here of course, which blends everything together and makes you get tired of it quicker.

Final Rating: 5.5/10

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