Album 0303: Stephen Lynch – 3 Balloons


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Comedy


1. Waiting (03:58)
2. Fishin’ Hole (03:55)
3. Dear Diary 1 (00:47)
4. Crazy Peanuts (03:09)
5. 3 Balloons (04:04)
6. Dear Diary 2 (00:48)
7. Medieval Bush (02:39)
8. A History Lesson (02:33)
9. Dear Diary 3 (00:48)
10. You (Prettier Than) (02:56)
11. The Ballad Of Scarface (04:48)
12. America (03:24)
13. Dear Diary 4 (00:49)
14. Hallelujah (04:44)

Total Length: 39:22

Waiting is about a dude waiting for the results of his AIDS test. The funniest part is the ending, and the rest of the song is simply okay and goes on a bit long. Fishin’ Hole doesn’t get funny for me until halfway through, but I appreciate the nice whistles. The strange thing about the track is that it’s just Stephen and his guitar, when he said he wanted to do this studio album so he could add more instruments on the songs. He did on the first song but not here.

Dear Diary 1 is set-up and punchline. Only thing is that this one isn’t very good. Crazy Peanuts basically describes the Peanuts characters. It’s almost funny, but it doesn’t really seem like Stephen’s thing to me, honestly. I like some of the added instruments, except for the gang vocals. The worst thing is that the song is just kind of boring. 3 Balloons is a funny idea but I don’t really like the execution.

Dear Diary 2 is a better diary song, the punchline works a lot better. Medieval Bush is worth it for the dumb accents and the ending. A History Lesson is one of the best tracks on here because it resembles one of his live tracks, where he sings to people and you get to hear the reaction and counter-reaction. The actual jokes aren’t so great but that’s the magic of audience reactions.

Dear Diary 3 had a joke I ended up having to look up. Not as funny as 2 though. You (Prettier Than) is drawn out as hell and not very funny. The Ballad Of Scarface has the same issue as Peanuts. It doesn’t really do anything interesting with the concept and goes on too long. America feels like something I’ve heard so many times before, it’s just not pleasing to me. Like, I get it and I’m not offended, it’s just bland and boring.

Dear Diary 4 is the same as 3, just kind of sad and not funny. Hallelujah is a longer track about boobs. That’s the crux of the joke. It just seems really lazy to me. That kind of sadly sums up the album for me. I don’t think Lynch was necessarily being lazy, just that there’s less effort on the funny and more of the songs. That’s fine if that’s what he wants to do but it’s not why I listen to him really, it’s when he has a better blend of the two that magic happens.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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