Album 0304: Manticora – The Black Circus Part 1 – Letters


Release Date: 2006
Genre: Power Metal


1. Enter The Carnival (02:07)
2. The Black Circus (05:27)
3. Intuneric I (00:32)
4. Enchanted Mind (05:30)
5. Intuneric II (01:02)
6. Forever Carousel (05:55)
7. Freakshow (04:54)
8. Gypsies’ Dance Part 1 (06:35)
9. Intuneric III (00:37)
10. Wisdom (07:01)
11. Intuneric IV (02:01)
12. Disciples Of The Entities (05:49)

Total Length: 47:28

Enter The Carnival is a really nice intro to the story this album (and the next) tells. The symphonic/synth stuff doesn’t sound amazing but it works well and I really like some parts of it. The Black Circus is when the band’s regular style starts and it is pretty good. The riffs are neat, the vocals are great, and the overall sense of dread this album wants to present is still there. Intuneric I serves as a nice little interlude/intro between songs.

Enchanted Mind has a shaky intro, but the rest of the song is really cool. The vocal lines are always what stick with me. Intuneric II features story on top of the music, presenting the first bit of Lovecraftian horror. Forever Carousel is really good, I especially love the strange part in the middle with a child’s voice for a second. Freakshow is calmer, relishing in the creepy atmosphere. It also echoes the theme from the first track which is really cool.

Gypsies’ Dance Part 1 is the opposite of the previous track, in that it’s fast and nuts. It does whatever it wants to and with no shame. The song is full of great riffs and the cymbal work at one point in the middle is really neat. Intuneric III is a nice little piece. Wisdom has an amazing intro, and is overall a fantastic song. Intuneric IV features more story, and the music is nice and creepy. Disciples Of The Entities is very cool as well, and I love the ending. This album is strong and took me a while to get into. I guess I had been wanting more standard Manticora and they changed things up a little here.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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