Album 0305: Manticora – The Black Circus Part 2 – Disclosure


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Power Metal


1. Entrance (00:35)
2. Beauty Will Fade (07:31)
3. Gypsies’ Dance Part 2 (08:29)
4. Intuneric V (00:35)
5. Haita Di Lupi (02:30)
6. When The Soulreapers Cry (06:40)
7. Intuneric VI (01:16)
8. All That Remain (05:44)
9. Intuneric VII (02:32)
10. Of Madness In Its Purity (06:22)

Total Length: 42:13

Entrance begins us exactly where the last album left off, a perfect continuation. Beauty Will Fade has some gorgeous opening riffs, and everything just sounds great. Fantastic opening song. Gypsies’ Dance Part 2 isn’t quite as good as part 1 in my opinion, but there is some great stuff in the middle of it. It’s the beginning and end that drag it down a bit for me, it’s a bit slower and not quite as good as it could be.

Intuneric V is a nice little piece, and serves as an intro to Haita Di Lupi, a really cool instrumental featuring some acoustic guitar. Great combination of tracks. When The Soulreapers Cry has a cool intro, and the rest of the song is pretty good as well. Intuneric VI is kind of creepy and serves its purpose. All That Remain is a pretty solid track as well, nothing bad to say about it.

Intuneric VII is the first of these that is more of a full-fledged song, it features a second singer that isn’t too great but the use of some harsh vocals is kind of nice. Pretty neat overall. Of Madness In Its Purity is a pretty strong track as well. This album though is just not quite as catchy as the previous one. Still very good but simply not as memorable.

Final Rating: 8/10


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