Album 0308: Pensées Nocturnes – Vacuum

Pensées Nocturnes - Vacuum

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Neo-classical Black Metal


1. Lune Malade (11:20)
2. Flore (09:06)
3. Dés-espoir (10:39)
4. Coups De Bleus (10:43)
5. Epitaphe (09:49)
6. Repas De Corbeaux (08:25)

Total Length: 01:00:01

Lune Malade begins as if you’ve put the album on a record player, and then we get a very nice intro of classical elements as the modern instruments are introduced behind it. Pretty cool song to start the album off with. Flore is pretty great as well, but I like the second half of a bit better than the first half. I just kind of prefer their take on classical stuff to straight up heaviness sometimes.

Dés-espoir though starts off heavy and sounds pretty wonderful. The whole track is great. Coups De Bleus starts off in the rain, playing up the sounds of a blues track. That gives way to more standard heavy and classical stuff, great track. Epitaphe is very cool as well. There is basically not a single bad song on here. Repas De Corbeaux is great too, and the last few minutes provide a nice, calm ending. Pretty great album that I haven’t paid enough attention to, to be honest.

Final Rating: 9/10


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