Album 0310: Rx Bandits – Halfway Between Here And There


Release Date: 1999
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. What If (02:38)
2. Ten Seconds Never Seemed So Long (02:43)
3. Gun In Your Hand (03:53)
4. Wrong With Me (02:17)
5. Cornered (03:28)
6. Now Or Never (02:12)
7. This Time (02:08)
8. Lost (04:14)
9. Andrea (03:08)
10. Walk Away (02:50)
11. Metal Man/Two Winters Ago (15:12)

Total Length: 44:43

What If is a fantastic opening track. It’s really interesting seeing the progression of this band through their albums. This is their second, and their first was just a very simple ska album. With this track they have noticeably matured in songwriting on all accounts. The lyrics are more meaningful and the music is more thoughtful. Ten Seconds Never Seemed So Long is a bit more simplistic but I like the playfulness in the music.

Gun In Your Hand is akin to their more political-oriented tracks on later albums. It’s pretty evocative, and a very nice song in total. Wrong With Me is simple ska-punk but by god if I don’t love it. It’s even got the RBF thing going on where the music is upbeat but the lyrics are kind of depressing. Maybe I connect with them a bit and that’s why I love it. Cornered is a song that never really caught me, but the chorus is really nice and strong.

Now Or Never is another simpler track, this one doesn’t catch my ear quite as well. It’s just kind of fun and then it’s gone. This Time is much stronger, the main riff is way better and catchier. I don’t know who this second singer is though, he doesn’t appear on later releases to my knowledge, so that’s kind of off putting, but this song is still great. Lost is a pretty strong song but once again I have to say it never really spoke to me. I’ll enjoy it while it’s playing but once it’s over that’s it.

Andrea is kind of a weird track. The main riff is okay, and the lyrics are odd. Decent song though. Walk Away is fairly good, though I have to say again that the song doesn’t stick with me. Metal Man has a fun intro and the rest of the song is just average. It also only last about three and a half minutes, and then we get nearly ten minutes of silence before the hidden track begins. Two Winters Ago is a fairly nice acoustic track. The vocals do get stuck in my head at least. This is before the band really and truly found their footing in my opinion, but it’s still a solid album.

Final Rating: 7/10


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