Album 0311: Opeth – My Arms, Your Hearse


Release Date: 1998
Genre: Progressive Death Metal


1. Prologue (00:59)
2. April Ethereal (08:42)
3. When (09:14)
4. Madrigal (01:26)
5. The Amen Corner (08:44)
6. Demon Of The Fall (06:13)
7. Credence (05:26)
8. Karma (07:50)
9. Epilogue (04:03)
10. Circle Of The Tyrants (05:12)
11. Remember Tomorrow (05:00)

Total Length: 01:02:48

Prologue is a nice, calm intro. There are sounds of the rainfall and some lightly-treading piano to bring us into the fold of the album. April Ethereal starts off with some very brief ethereal vocals before the heaviness kicks in. The song is pretty awesome overall. When is a larger song as well, but takes a bit more time before it gets rolling. The heavy part still kicks in out of nowhere, but at least we got some calmness before that. This song is even better than the previous one, it just does everything better.

Madrigal is an interlude that serves as a brief respite as well. I like it well enough. The Amen Corner has some amazingly powerful riffs, and is simply fantastic in all respects. Demon Of The Fall keeps up the streak of great songs, being catchy and awesome as hell. Credence is the ‘soft’ track on here. It wouldn’t be classified as metal and doesn’t have any harsh vocals. My favorite part is probably the guitars in it, especially near the beginning and end.

Karma is the last big song to really finish off the album. Much like the rest of the tracks, it’s pretty amazing. I just love how everything sounds and it gets better each time I hear it. Epilogue is an instrumental to really cap off everything before the bonus tracks. It’s got a bit of a southern church vibe going on with the organ and guitar solos. Sounds kind of nice at least.

Circle Of The Tyrants is a Celtic Frost cover. The riffs are cool and all but it’s kind of jarring simply because it doesn’t fit. On its own it’s fine which is why I need to think of and realize that it is wholly separate. Remember Tomorrow is an Iron Maiden cover, and it’s a bit more in line with Opeth’s normal style. I also kind of prefer to the previous track but it’s not really a competition I suppose. This whole album as I said gets better with each listen and is simply very solid.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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