Album 0312: Snowing – I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted


Release Date: 2011
Genre: Post-punk


1. I Think We’re In Minsk (02:05)
2. Mark Z. Danielewski (02:10)
3. Malk It (02:36)
4. Why Am I Not Going Underwater? (02:57)
5. You Bring Something… No (01:03)
6. So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went To Bed (04:14)
7. It’s Just A Party (02:41)
8. Memo Yeah That’s Fine Man (01:25)
9. KJ Jammin (02:13)
10. Damp Feathers (04:02)
11. Could Be Better Forever (03:47)

Total Length: 29:12

The first thing I noticed about I Think We’re In Minsk and that I would assume plenty would, is that this band sounds like it could be playing at any college house party. They sound entirely like plenty of those bands I heard of. It puts me off a pretty good amount, especially because everything is loose. The recording quality wavers, especially the mix. The guitars especially kind of seem to do their own things and aren’t entirely on point. Despite all that, I kind of like the song.

Mark Z. Danielewski doesn’t really offer anything special though. Everything it does was kind of covered in the first song in my opinion. Malk It at least has something different, with a heavy section popping in sometimes with some of my least favorite types of vocals to go along with it. Why Am I Not Going Underwater? is a decent track, but to be honest I really have no feelings on it one way or the other.

You Bring Something… No is a short little track and kind of enjoyable for that limited duration. So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went To Bed has more of a standard structure in it, and I guess the ending is okay. Just kind of tired by the album by this point which is absolutely not a good sign in something that lasts less than 30 minutes. It’s Just A Party continues the party/college scene ideas, and it has one cool part, but that’s it.

Memo Yeah That’s Fine Man has enjoyable guitar parts, and could be a great song if it weren’t on here. Same goes for KJ Jammin which has the closest thing to what I can call an actual hook/riff on the album. Damp Feathers is fairly good. Could Be Better Forever is pretty boring though. This album is just kind of disappointing to me. There’s a hint of something I’d like, but then it’s gone in a flash.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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