Album 0313: Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92


Release Date: 1992
Genre: Ambient Techno


1. Xtal (04:54)
2. Tha (09:07)
3. Pulsewidth (03:48)
4. Ageispolis (03:48)
5. i (01:17)
6. Green Calx (06:05)
7. Heliosphan (04:54)
8. We Are The Music Makers (07:44)
9. Schottkey 7th Path (05:09)
10. Ptolemy (07:14)
11. Hedphelym (06:04)
12. Delphium (05:29)
13. Actium (07:35)

Total Length: 01:14:43

Xtal is a strong opening track. The momentum is fantastic and the use of female vocal samples is well done. Tha is great as well. When I first heard this album I thought that the track went on too long, but that’s kind of foolish. Maybe I just didn’t grasp it and let my mind take hold of the track before, but I loved it now. Pulsewidth is pretty fun too. I’m slowly sinking my feet into this genre and it gets more enjoyable over time.

Ageispolis has a great intro and outro, and the middle is fine as well. i is a nice little track, I love the atmosphere on it but then it’s sadly over quick. Green Calx is probably the first track I didn’t really love. It feels like something I’ve heard so many times and just didn’t do anything interesting with what it was giving me. It also felt like it went on a bit long. Heliosphan is fairly good as well but again the quality isn’t quite up to par.

We Are The Music Makers has some cool moments in it. One section in particular sounds like music from the first Spyro game (though of course this predates that) but the rest of the track is just very average. Schottkey 7th Path is a nice track though. It feels like it’s trying to do a bit much but still sounds fine. Ptolemy suffers from some of the same issues. I’m sure it was fun to play or whatever but I just get bored listening to it.

Hedphelym would be great if it weren’t the bass drum that almost never stops and is entirely out of place. Delphium is nice though and I have almost no issues with it. Actium gives us a strong ending with a more atmospheric piece. It also has a near-constant bass drum but this one it way less present and fits more. The first part of the album is definitely the strongest for me, but there’s not much on here that is absolutely terrible.

Final Rating: 7/10


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