Album 0314: Revolution Renaissance – New Era


Release Date: 2008
Genre: Power Metal


1. Heroes (04:21)
2. I Did It My Way (04:23)
3. We Are Magic (04:24)
4. Angel (04:51)
5. Eden Is Burning (05:16)
6. Glorious And Divine (04:43)
7. Born Upon The Cross (04:03)
8. Keep The Flame Alive (04:32)
9. Last Night On Earth (04:47)
10. Revolution Renaissance (06:11)

Total Length: 47:30

The intro to Heroes sounds an awful lot like the soundtrack of Legend of Dragoon, which is kind of neat. Once the riff comes in it sounds pretty nice and Tobias Sammet’s vocals are always welcome. The song is a bit generic but still fun. I Did It My Way uses Michael Kiske’s vocals, again never not glad to hear him. He pretty much makes the song for me. The interesting thing about a lot, if not all, of these tracks is that they were intended to be on a Stratovarius album. So they still have that feeling with some minor differences.

We Are Magic introduces the last singer, and I don’t entirely like him. He either sings strangely or has a weird vocal effect on him, I can’t tell. It’s not the worst vocals I’ve ever heard but when you’ve got the other two on here this guy better be up to par and he’s not. The rest of the song is fine though and pretty enjoyable. Angel is probably the weakest track yet. It’s not just because it’s a slower, softer song, I know those can be done well. This track is just plain boring.

Eden Is Burning is kind of the same but I suppose I like the chorus a fair amount. Glorious And Divine at least was definitely demoed by Stratovarius. The song is a bit better than the last few tracks at least. Born Upon The Cross is the same deal. Boring but nice. Keep The Flame Alive is probably the best song on here, even if that was solely based on the melody and the flute patch. It’s just really nice.

Last Night On Earth is a fairly good track as well. Not terrible memorable but just solid. Revolution Renaissance is a slightly larger song to end the album. I like it well enough, the chorus is catchy and everything works well. Overall this album is fairly boring, akin to the weaker Stratovarius albums. It also has an issue with the multiple singers. While that always sounds like a good idea, giving them each their own tracks and not having them interact makes the whole thing a bit disjointed in my opinion.

Final Rating: 6/10

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