Album 0316: Steven Wilson – Grace For Drowning

Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Progressive Rock



1. Grace For Drowning (02:05)
2. Sectarian (07:41)
3. Deform To Form A Star (07:51)
4. No Part Of Me (05:44)
5. Postcard (04:28)
6. Raider Prelude (02:24)
7. Remainder The Black Dog (09:27)


1. Belle De Jour (02:59)
2. Index (04:48)
3. Track One (04:16)
4. Raider II (23:20)
5. Like Dust I Have Cleared From My Eye (07:59)


1. Sectarian (demo) (09:08)
2. Deform To Form A Star (demo) (07:09)
3. No Part Of Me In You (demo) (05:55)
4. Remainder The Black Dog (demo) (09:14)
5. Like Dust I Have Cleared From My Eye (demo) (05:02)


1. Home In Negative (03:04)
2. Fluid Tap (05:46)
3. The Map (03:30)
4. Raider Acceleration (06:22)
5. Black Dog Throwbacks (02:26)
6. Raider II (demo) (21:08)

Total Length: 02:41:45

Grace For Drowning is a wonderful intro, the piano is lovely and Steven’s voice works exceptionally well coupled with it. Sectarian is beautiful. The first few minutes are an amazing buildup with a kind of heaviness that is soft at the same time. It doesn’t try to disturb you, it just knows it’s big and awesome. The last half is great as well, it’s just a wonderful instrumental. Deform To Form A Star obviously sounds a good deal like Porcupine Tree at points. I like everything that it does, and that stands for most of this album. It’s all pretty calming and never really boring.

No Part Of Me is pretty fun, honestly. This is the type of track where Wilson was really experimenting, doing stuff he normally might not allow himself to do or try. Postcard is a simpler song than most of the ones so far. It’s very pretty and the last minute or so is great when it ramps up a bit. Raider Prelude is kind of a creepy and a nice telling of what’s to come. Remainder The Black Dog continues the basic ‘cool’ feeling I get from this album and has some of the heavier bits in it as well. Pretty great track.

Belle De Jour is a fantastic, smaller track. It gives me this vibe like it should be in a creepy movie. Index is pretty nice but a little bit strange. I’ve never been a huge fan of distorted vocals through effects, but it’s put to fairly good use here. Track One is really cool as well, I especially love the intro. Raider II is kind of a big piece/centerpiece of the album. I mean look at that length! The song goes all over the spectrum and covers massive amounts of ground. Just really cool but hard to describe.

Like Dust I Have Cleared From My Eye is a nice, final track of sorts. It caps off the regular album. I think the last few minutes don’t need to be quite as long but that’s just regarding the song by itself instead of it being a cooldown for the whole album. The demos and unused tracks start now. Sectarian is still pretty awesome. Deform To Form A Star sounds about the same, simply nice. No Part Of Me In You doesn’t go quite as nuts in the last few minutes but there’s some extra guitars overall making the average part of the song a bit heavier/harder which is neat.

Remainder The Black Dog is cool here as well, a bit rougher and it works. Like Dust I Have Cleared From My Eye doesn’t have the extended ending like the final version, so I kind of like it better here. Home In Negative is kind of a nice little track. There’s not too much I feel like saying about it though. I like the ending though. The same can sort of be said for Fluid Tap. The first few minutes are kind of generic for Steven Wilson, but the last few when the heavier guitars come in are pretty cool.

The Map is a strange instrumental that oddly works. I would have liked for it to be on the main album. Raider Acceleration is kind of strange. It’s aggressive and jazzy and kind of cool. Black Dog Throwbacks is kind of atmospheric and I don’t really get it. It’s okay. The demo of Raider II is fairly similar to the final version, though a little bit shorter. Unfortunately I don’t know the song quite well enough to know where those two minutes went, or rather were added on. This is a pretty fantastic album that I need to listen to more, it’s just kind of daunting how much there is even if I don’t listen to the bonus tracks.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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