Album 0317: Sunn O))) – ØØ Void


Release Date: 2000
Genre: Drone Metal


1. Richard (14:33)
2. NN O))) (15:16)
3. Rabbits’ Revenge (14:01)
4. Ra At Dusk (14:44)

Total Length: 58:33

Richard is a pretty great track to get lost in. It’s highly repetitive and meditative and if one is in the right mood it can work wonders. The ending actually kind of builds up to a point and it’s very cool. NN O))) is good as well. I can’t really say anything specific about it, but basically I have to say that it’s perfect for zoning out to. Doesn’t even feel like time is passing.

Rabbits’ Revenge is actually a cover of a track by The Melvins. It’s a good track, same as the others. Ra At Dusk is nice but again I can’t say anything specific about it. This whole album relies more on feelings and textures than anything that I’m capable of putting into concise words. I enjoyed listening to this, though it took some time for me to grasp it and get to that point.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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