Album 0318: Summoning – Oath Bound


Release Date: 2006
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal


1. Bauglir (02:59)
2. Across The Streaming Tide (10:20)
3. Mirdautas Vras (08:14)
4. Might And Glory (08:26)
5. Beleriand (09:28)
6. Northward (08:40)
7. Menegroth (08:12)
8. Land Of The Dead (12:50)

Total Length: 01:09:08

Bauglir is mostly a pretty cool intro, but I can’t really dig the sample/spoken word part. It’s related to Lord of the Rings which is cool but it just kind of stops the track suddenly for me. Across The Streaming Tide is pretty fantastic. On some listens I may think it’s a bit long but that’s generally not the case. This isn’t music that is supposed to make its statement and then leave, it sticks around for a while so that you can fully get into it.

Mirdautas Vras has the distinction of being the only song in existence with lyrics fully in the Black Speech of Mordor. The song works well enough and is pretty enjoyable. Might And Glory is pretty great as well, especially when the choral vocals come in and it elevates the song to another level. Beleriand has some insanely cool melodies. I just love getting lost in the track.

Northward has a bunch of cool stuff going on but the full song never really gripped me. Menegroth is good as well. It brings back the narration type deal from the first track in it, and again I’m not too thrilled by it. Land Of The Dead is by far the standout track for me, the centerpiece of the album. This is one of the greatest tracks the band has ever written. The piano and woodwinds are great, and when the choral vocals come in it’s pure magic. This track alone brings the album up a couple notches.

Final Rating: 8/10


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