Album 0319: Subterranean Masquerade – Suspended Animation Dreams

subterranean masquerade - suspended animation dreams

Release Date: 2005
Genre: Progressive/Avant-garde Metal


1. Suspended Animation Dreams (02:26)
2. Wolf Among Sheep (Or Maybe The Other Way Around?) (06:25)
3. No Place Like Home (08:00)
4. Kind Of A Blur (03:10)
5. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Preacher (09:05)
6. Six Strings To Cover Fear (06:49)
7. Awake (14:22)
8. X (04:28)

Total Length: 54:45

Suspended Animation Dreams begins the album with some static and a strange, almost musique concrete atmosphere. Then suddenly a smooth lounge type music is played and we get some nice vocals to compliment. Wolf Among Sheep (Or Maybe The Other Way Around?) is really nice but tough as hell to describe. It’s one of the softer tracks on here and is pretty captivating, though the later tracks are kind of better in my opinion.

No Place Like Home brings in the harsh vocals for the first time and switches back and forth between soft and heavy. It’s a really good, expansive song. Kind Of A Blur is shorter and an instrumental, it’s quite lovely. The build up is great. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Preacher is great and covers a lot of ground. Again I love the mixture of styles, and stuff like the horns coming in at the end.

Six Strings To Cover Fear is one of the more avant-garde tracks on here. That’s not to say that the others didn’t fit in that niche, but this track has some elements that I also find commonly in other strange musical groups/adventures. Very cool track. Awake is the absolute best part of the album. The longest track by a wide margin and it just happens to contain some of the coolest shit imaginable. It even got me to notice the lyrics. Simply amazing. X is spectacular as well. Groovy and kind of downtrodden but also hopeful. When the claps come in at the end always gets me. This album took a few listens, but once it hit it hit pretty hard.

Final Rating: 9/10


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