Album 0320: Yyrkoon – Unhealthy Opera

Yyrkoon - Unhealthy Opera

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


1. Something Breathes (00:21)
2. Unhealthy Opera (03:45)
3. From The Depths (04:29)
4. Avatar Ceremony (04:10)
5. Temple Of Infinity (02:35)
6. Abnormal Intrusion (04:21)
7. Screaming Shores (04:03)
8. The Book (03:23)
9. Horror From The Sea (03:37)
10. Lair… (01:08)
11. …Of Madness (04:39)
12. Injecting Dementia (05:58)
13. Signs (06:09)

Total Length: 48:36

Something Breathes is a fine little atmospheric intro, it serves its purpose. Unhealthy Opera begins with some monstrous riffs, and kind of a Nevermore vibe at parts. Very strong song to really propel the album forward. From The Depths is pretty good as well. It kind of has my only problem with the album, that being that it can be tough at times to differentiate between songs, but that’s probably just my dumb ears.

Avatar Ceremony is cool though, and a bit better than the previous track. I really like the main riff. Temple Of Infinity is more an acoustic track, an interlude between the heaviness. I really like it. Abnormal Intrusion is solid and I don’t have any ill things to say about it. Screaming Shores has a pretty killer riff in it. The Book is good as well but this is where that issue has creeped up again. The differences between the songs are hard for me to place.

Horror From The Sea is fine, just has the same issue. I can’t necessarily say anything outright bad about it though. Lair… is another interlude, again acoustic and nice. …Of Madness gets a bit more distinction because it follows that intro. Injecting Dementia is great as well, because it varies with their formula a bit. Signs is a bonus track but a really cool one. Very cool guitar stuff and a rare appearance of clean vocals. The outro is good too. This is a very difficult album for me. I want it to be great and it has elements of that but it just never quite runs with it.

Final Rating: 7/10


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