Album 0321: Finntroll – Ur Jordens Djup


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Gryning (Dawn) (03:31)
2. Sång (Song) (04:40)
3. Korpens Saga (The Raven’s Tale) (03:26)
4. Nedgång (Downfall) (03:44)
5. Ur Djupet (Out Of The Depths) (04:59)
6. Slagbröder (Battle-Brothers) (04:31)
7. En Mäktig Här (A Mighty Army) (04:19)
8. Ormhäxan (The Snakewitch) (04:39)
9. Maktens Spira (The Sceptre Of Power) (03:28)
10. Under Två Runor (Under Two Runes) (05:36)
11. Kvällning/Trollvisan (Dawn/The Troll Song) (13:02)

Total Length: 55:55

Gryning is a larger symphonic piece. It’s not huge in scope but meant to sound more like a creepy soundtrack for a dark film. It works really well to set up the mood of the album. Sång took me a bit to get into, but once I did it was with a realization that the song is a progression for the band. It’s more complex and fulfilling than some of their earlier works that were a bit flashy at times. Just awesome.

Korpens Saga is the same way, but has all the fun the band is known for. The folk instruments are simply wonderful. Nedgång is very strong as well, the prominence of the keyboards is something I really like in this album. It’s not overpowering but not overshadowed like it easily can be in this genre. Ur Djupet is a pretty good song as well, again I have to point out the songwriting has matured over the years.

Slagbröder is good as well but I don’t find myself quite connecting with it. En Mäktig Här is unbelievably good. It plays up the folk aspect a bit more and even uses some strangely well placed steel drums. It’s so damn amazing how well this song works. Ormhäxan is solid as well, it’s only fault is coming on the heels of the previous track. Maktens Spira has some amazing moments in it, great song.

Under Två Runor is a slightly larger track but sadly not quite as interesting as some of the ones that have come before it. Kvällning is a really nice, calm instrumental that lasts for a few minutes before fading out to leave just the sound of wind and a low hum and then that finally fades away right around the seven minute mark. This works fantastically as the end of the album. Of course, there is a somewhat hidden track as well. Trollvisan starts at about eleven minutes, and is a fun little song. Kind of rough sounding and all the guys singing with a guitar. The whole album is pretty solid, there’s no real bad parts and I quite enjoy most of it.

Final Rating: 8/10

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