Album 0322: Firewind – Between Heaven And Hell


Release Date: 2002
Genre: Power Metal


1. Between Heaven And Hell (04:52)
2. Warrior (04:45)
3. World Of Conflict (04:05)
4. Destination Forever (03:45)
5. Oceans (01:49)
6. Tomorrow Can Wait (05:40)
7. Pictured Life (03:37)
8. Firewind Raging (04:27)
9. I Will Fight Alone (05:10)
10. Northern Sky (04:51)
11. Fire (04:39)
12. Who Am I? (05:29)

Total Length: 52:59

Between Heaven And Hell is a fairly decent opening track but it suffers from the same problem as every single Firewind album in that they are just not dynamic enough, in the songwriting/arrangement sense. The guitars are kind of the focus but that doesn’t really work and everything sounds the same. This song at least has a decent chorus. Warrior features some neat vocal moments. If more tracks were like this I might not find the band so boring.

World Of Conflict continues the trend. It really isn’t bad necessarily, just not that interesting. Destination Forever starts off cool but in my opinion it doesn’t really do anything with it. Oceans is a calmer instrumental. It’s kind of wanky but at least it’s different. Tomorrow Can Wait has a very cool opening but again the song then dives right into generic territory and I lose interest.

Pictured Life is utterly unremarkable, sorry Gus G. Firewind Raging at least has some nice moments, there are a few guitar melodies that caught my ear. I Will Fight Alone holds true: it’s completely standard. I don’t get it, there are things here that could be turned into great songs but like halfway through the process they seem to be considered done.

Northern Sky is an instrumental and it’s at least decent because it tries to do a bunch of things. Fire is kind of boring though, that’s about all I can say about it. Who Am I? is pretty easily the best song on here, but sadly that is attributed to it being based on Bach. Like, hey maybe you should try doing more things like this since it worked well instead of your boring rock songs done in power metal style.

Final Rating: 4.5/10

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