Album 0323: Coldword – Melancholie²


Release Date: 2008
Genre: Black Metal


1. A Dream Of A Dead Sun (07:35)
2. Tortured By Solitude (06:14)
3. Winterreise (Winter Journey) (04:06)
4. SchmerzensSchreie (Screams Of Pain) (05:45)
5. Red Snow (08:28)
6. Stille (Silence) (01:22)
7. Hymn To Eternal Frost (05:58)
8. My Dead Bride (02:45)
9. Escape (07:35)

Total Length: 49:46

A Dream Of A Dead Sun opens wonderfully, with a creepy atmosphere and a bell-like synth. The main bulk of the song is great, a mix of lo-fi black metal with some synths backing it. The mixture blends together well. The riffs are very cool and the vibe is depressive but good. Tortured By Solitude is lonely and cold and simply works in that sense. The atmosphere and riffs come together in such a good way.

Winterreise is an amazing instrumental track. Almost none of the metal part on here, it’s just a depressive track of synths and bells and it completely draws me in and I’m more sad when it’s over. SchmerzensSchreie isn’t quite as big or evocative as the earlier tracks but is still quite nice. The intro to Red Snow kind of sounds like some moments in Twin Peaks, and the whole song is big and great. There are some really good guitar moments.

Stille is weird because it is basically the end of the previous track, like the exact same recording. I don’t really get why this is its own track when we just heard it. It would be cool if this were like side B of a record though. Hymn To Eternal Frost uses a synth choir and while it is undoubtedly cheesy I still love it. My Dead Bride is a short, harsh song. It doesn’t really do much for me. Escape is an instrumental and a strange mixture of electronic and black metal. Less dance, more atmospheric. Pretty nice and longer than one would expect. The album has a few faults in it, but I tend to like what it tries to do and it’s a good listen.

Final Rating: 8/10


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