Album 0324: Fates Warning – Disconnected


Release Date: 2000
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Disconnected Part 1 (01:14)
2. One (04:27)
3. So (08:08)
4. Pieces Of Me (04:24)
5. Something From Nothing (10:58)
6. Still Remains (16:08)
7. Disconnected Part 2 (06:11)

Total Length: 51:30

Disconnected Part 1 is immediately unnerving. The siren-like guitar drones are very creepy to me, and the atmosphere that builds up is quite thick. One carries on that atmosphere with some nice guitar riffs and while comparisons could be made to other prog metal outfits, this still feels pretty unique. Kind of a fun song though the lyrics have a point to them that probably wouldn’t be considered ‘fun’.

The intro to So is straight up Kevin Moore doing what Kevin Moore does, and it sounds pretty nice. The chorus is fantastic, and the change of pace halfway through the song is calm. Pieces Of Me is the only other track that could be considered being in a standard song format. It’s kind of upbeat in the same manner as the second track, and I enjoy it. These choruses get stuck in my head pretty easily.

Something From Nothing has a pretty cool opening, kind of introspective and dark. The song is a bit bigger but never really feels like it. It flows beautifully and again just sticks in my brain. Still Remains is an even bigger track, and covers a good deal more ground. It’s pretty impressive the whole way through. Disconnected Part 2 starts off the same as Part 1, and it takes everything further with a creepy section that features a voice sample saying something strange. The whole theme of the album seems to revolve around communication and possibly a lack of it, so this creepiness works. The album is also quite enjoyable and flows well despite the track lengths seeming kind of disjointed.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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