Album 0326: Symphony X – Iconoclast

Booklet 16 Seiten - Maße.qxd

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Progressive Metal



1. Iconoclast (10:51)
2. The End Of Innocence (05:27)
3. Dehumanized (06:48)
4. Bastards Of The Machine (04:56)
5. Heretic (06:25)
6. Children Of A Faceless God (06:21)
7. When All Is Lost (09:10)


1. Electric Messiah (06:14)
2. Prometheus (I Am Alive) (06:47)
3. Light Up The Night (05:04)
4. The Lords Of Chaos (06:10)
5. Reign In Madness (08:38)

Total Length: 01:22:49

Iconoclast has a completely mesmerizing intro for the first few minutes, it kind of works as a prelude for the whole album. The song never gets boring at any point, all the riffs are solid and the chorus is catchy as hell. An insanely strong song to start off with here, the band is completely on point. The End Of Innocence is great as well, I’d have to say the best part here is the chorus. The rest is good too, but the chorus/song title sticks with me.

Dehumanized has some very cheesy lyrics, but then again almost everything this band does qualifies as ‘cheesy’. I love the use of piano in here and everything works pretty well. Bastards Of The Machine has a lot of cool guitar stuff going on here. Just a fun, fast-paced song. Heretic has a shaky start for me, but it ends up being of pretty similar quality to the other tracks, where I like it but don’t love all of it.

Children Of A Faceless God continues that same trend. I can’t say the songs are bad, they just tend to sound similar. I’ve always thought this band was much better at their larger songs anyhow. This is exampled pretty well in When All Is Lost which seems to borrow some ideas from their previous ‘epic’ songs. The build-ups and changes throughout the track are fantastic and I just love the whole feeling of it. Despite the last track on here being the closer according to the band, this one kind of fits better to me.

Electric Messiah gets back on that trend of the songs though. It’s cool but could easily be switched out with a few other songs on here. Prometheus (I Am Alive) continues on in the same manner. The chorus is nice but it’s about the only thing that’s memorable. Light Up The Night at least has a cool solo section to break this little bit of monotony.

The Lords Of Chaos is the last of these types of tracks thankfully. The chorus is good, even though I think it’s a bit slow and too old-school. Reign In Madness has an intro that gives me some Crimson II vibes, and overall is a pretty good song because they play around with things a bit more. But in the end, I just can’t give this album high praise. There’s nothing bad on here but only a few tracks stand out.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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