Album 0327: Masterplan – Masterplan


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Power Metal


1. Spirit Never Die (05:27)
2. Enlighten Me (04:38)
3. Kind Hearted Light (04:26)
4. Crystal Light (05:17)
5. Soulburn (06:16)
6. Heroes (03:34)
7. Sail On (04:38)
8. Into The Light (04:10)
9. Crawling From Hell (04:13)
10. Bleeding Eyes (05:41)
11. When Love Comes Close (04:08)

Total Length: 52:27

Spirit Never Die may possibly be the best song on here, so it’s both good and disappointing that it starts off the album. The intro is memorable, and the verse is fantastic and catchy, kind of Freak Kitchen-like. The chorus is semi-generic power metal but works fine. Enlighten Me is still good, it just has some qualities I don’t entirely enjoy. It gets some influence from where I can’t really tell, but some bits just annoy me.

Kind Hearted Light is a better song though, the hook is catchy as hell. The verse is kind of boring, more so than some that Stratovarius has done. Really enjoyable song other than that. Crystal Night is pretty cool as well, though I think the song could have been edited down a tiny bit as well. Nothing major though. Soulburn is a bit more ballad-y. It takes its time and focuses more on the emotions and I like it a whole lot.

Heroes is super upbeat and fun, kind of the baseline of what you’d hope from a power metal song. Sail On is as well, it’s very good. Into The Light has a very Zeppelin intro in my opinion, it gives me this weird nostalgic vibe. The chorus is great though. Crawling From Hell again has some minor annoyances but is a fun song overall. Bleeding Eyes has a cool vibe. I like how there’s isn’t really any homogenizing on this album, it always keeps things varied. When Love Comes Close isn’t great, but it’s still nice. This album is still not one I’d say I love, but it grows on me more each time.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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