Album 0328: The Forces Of Evil – Friend Or FOE?


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Angry Anthem (02:53)
2. Go To Hell (02:49)
3. My Life (02:50)
4. Dance The Night Away (02:51)
5. Vague Love Song (02:29)
6. Hey! Woo! Yea! (02:22)
7. Mistake (02:58)
8. Worst Day (03:47)
9. Maybe I’m Wrong (03:21)
10. Independent (02:45)
11. Fight (02:40)

Total Length: 31:44

Angry Anthem has a loud but catchy intro, and the lyrics are standard fare if you remember that this is an offshoot of Reel Big Fish. The chorus is simple and full of expletives and it’s great. Go To Hell continues in the same lyrical theme, it’s pretty fantastic. It gets stuck in my head super easy. My Life is fun as well, with the lyrics again being the highlight. The songs are somewhat simple but they’re so fun.

Dance The Night Away is a Van Halen cover and I’m probably biased but this version is probably better. The original was kind of soft for Van Halen. I also like the faster pace on this version. Vague Love Song is kind of a weird one for me, but I really like it. The lyrics aren’t anywhere near as angry as the other tracks, but still insanely catchy. Hey! Woo! Yea! is mostly instrumental, with the only lyrics being those in the title. It’s fun but one of the lesser tracks on here.

Mistake is more like a pop track so it stands out in that way. I like it well enough. Worst Day is in a similar vein, there just hasn’t been a bad track yet. They are all pretty catchy. Maybe I’m Wrong has a fun intro, and the lyrics are the usual semi-depressive fare. Independent is kind of mean in a way I don’t like, but it is also sort of funny, and of course it’s catchy.

Fight is a fantastic song, but suffers from having a completely different production from the entire rest of the album. It’s really jarring and doesn’t sound good. Despite that, I love the track and this album. It’s short and fun and upbeat, despite the lyrics. Since this band is no longer I’m still holding out hope that RBF will play some of the material live.

Final Rating: 8/10


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