Album 0329: Stillhet – Dømt At Have Sit Liv Forbudt


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Black Metal


1. Intro (01:46)
2. Rovmord (04:42)
3. Hatets Energi (04:02)
4. Vemod Og Skam (06:36)
5. Den Ugudelige (04:59)

Total Length: 22:06

The Intro is super atmospheric and creepy. Kind of sounds a bit like the Wrong Turn 2 soundtrack except a bit less annoying. Rovmord has some pretty awesome riffs and the vocals work well. It’s just really solid black metal. Hatets Energi is great as well. One cool thing here is that you can actually make out the bass. Doesn’t usually happen in this genre, which yeah I know gets joked about pretty often.

Vemod Og Skam is fantastic as well, other than when everything drops out to just a single guitar for a moment. It’s kind of jarring. Den Ugudelige is pretty great as well. This is a solid little EP, there’s nothing bad on here. The only thing I don’t like about is that this is pretty much the band’s only release aside from two demos. Wish they could put out some more stuff.

Final Rating: 8/10


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