Album 0330: Link 80 – Killing Katie


Release Date: 1999
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Better Than Shit (02:24)
2. Packing Up (03:00)
3. No Such Thing (01:41)
4. Kind Of… (02:10)
5. The Truth Of It (01:45)
6. El Stupido (No Quiero Vomitar) (01:06)
7. Nothing Left (01:45)
8. For What It’s Worth (02:23)
9. Termination (Live at 924 Gilman Street) (01:41)
10. Blank Mind (Live at 924 Gilman Street) (01:35)
11. Teenage Fuckup (Live at 924 Gilman Street) (01:08)

Total Length: 20:38

Better Than Shit has a really generic, useless sample to kick things off and the song itself is kind of boring and generic too. Just kind of plays and then I forget about it. Packing Up sounds like a couple other bands from this time, but nowhere near as good. Suicide Machines come to mind as pulling off this sound a lot better. No Such Thing has some good ideas but doesn’t execute them well. Everything just feels loose here.

Kind Of… is about the only good song so far. The looseness is still there but at least there are some catchy moments in it. The Truth Of It seems to be trying for a skacore sound but I don’t think it works. El Stupido (No Quiero Vomitar) is kind of annoying to me, I just don’t really get it. Nothing Left is a decent punk song though. I just don’t like the tone of this album.

For What It’s Worth starts off with a poorly executed sample, in choice and editing, and I even like the sample. The song is a cover of Buffalo Springfield and it’s a pretty classic song, and I really hate this version. Like, it’s pretty bad to get a complete negative reaction out of me. This is the same type of thing that I disliked about Snowing, it’s clearly a bunch of college-age guys doing something and they’re like, “Yeah this would be cool” and it’s not, at all.

Termination starts the bout of live tracks. Surprise surprise, they’re recorded poorly and the band are pretty annoying between songs. This song is boring, welp. Blank Mind is too, this just isn’t for me. The band can be good, but this album is just plain not. Teenage Fuckup just sounds like a bunch of noise, sadly. I listened to this a few times to try and see if I was missing something, but I think it’s a lost cause.

Final Rating: 4/10


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