Album 0331: Hanni El Khatib – Will The Guns Come Out


Release Date: 2011
Genre: Rock

1. Will The Guns Come Out (01:26)
2. Build, Destroy, Rebuild (02:58)
3. Fuck It, You Win (03:11)
4. Dead Wrong (03:28)
5. Come Alive (02:35)
6. Loved One (02:38)
7. Heartbreak Hotel (03:12)
8. Wait Wait Wait (03:57)
9. Garbage City (03:54)
10. You Rascal You (02:21)
11. I Got A Thing (02:00)

Total Length: 31:40

Will The Guns Come Out is an odd opening track, with some musing on a toy piano and random percussion behind Khatib singing with some clapping to provide the rhythm. It repeats the main line a bunch and is alright, but honestly out of place on the whole album. Build, Destroy, Rebuild sounds like a throwback to the burgeoning of rock and roll, and really the whole album kind of pays tribute to that sound. The song works well enough but seems reliant on small things a bit much.

Fuck It, You Win has a stronger riff and overall cooler sound. I like the vibe here though he seems to be going for some shock value in the title and lyrics. Dead Wrong seems to borrow more of a doo-wop influence and is definitely the best track yet. I love the various guitars and what they do and the backing vocals are super cool. Come Alive is sort of fun, but it doesn’t really gain traction and get going until the end, and then it’s done.

Loved One is reliant on its main riff, and that’s a new idea but for me it makes for a boring few minutes. Heartbreak Hotel is frankly kind of awesome. It gives off this creepy feeling and I love what it does. Wait Wait Wait and the previous track are pretty acoustic based, and this one uses it greatly, it’s kind of beautiful. Garbage City is kind of nice but also slightly boring at the same time.

You Rascal You is oddly kind of funky, and it’s a solid track to bring us into the endgame. I Got A Thing is simple and that’s about it. It does what it wants to do but it’s quickly over. I appreciate what I think this album was kind of going for, while recognizing that it’s not really for me. There’s some stuff here I’d love to see more of but I’m sure that’s probably not going to happen.

Final Rating: 7/10


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