Album 0332: Death – Symbolic


Release Date: 1995
Genre: Death Metal


1. Symbolic (06:33)
2. Zero Tolerance (04:49)
3. Empty Words (06:22)
4. Sacred Serenity (04:27)
5. 1,000 Eyes (04:29)
6. Without Judgement (05:28)
7. Crystal Mountain (05:07)
8. Misanthrope (05:04)
9. Perennial Quest (08:21)
10. Symbolic Acts (demo) (05:56)
11. Zero Tolerance (demo) (04:11)
12. Crystal Mountain (demo) (04:25)
13. Misanthrope (demo) (05:41)
14. Symbolic Acts (4-track demo) (05:56)

Total Length: 01:16:50

Symbolic is a fantastic start to the album, all of the riffs and tempo changes here are amazing. There is not a single boring moment in the song, and it’s fantastic how much is packed into its runtime. I could even say that there is a combination of types of metal in this track, with some moments resembling power metal. Zero Tolerance is great as well, not quite as catchy as the first track but pretty solid. I don’t normally notice the lyrics but the chorus at least sticks in me.

Empty Words is a fine track as well, but these are big songs and it can be tough to get a good grasp on them. Sacred Serenity has some cool riffs in it, but that kind of goes without saying. Otherwise, it’s not quite as notable as the other tracks. 1,000 Eyes is simply fantastic, everything on it works well. Without Judgement is in the same vein, it’s kind of a pinnacle of this type of death metal.

Crystal Mountain is amazing as well, with the best chorus on here, as well as a neat acoustic bit. Just an amazing track. Misanthrope is completely on point as well, very strong track. Perennial Quest is the biggest track on here, it’s quite catchy in the chorus and the ending is calm and nice. Symbolic Acts is a rough sounding demo without any vocals, and it still sounds neat. Zero Tolerance does as well, again the only thing missing is the vocals.

Crystal Mountain is played a bit faster which is kind of neat. Misanthrope works okay in this setting. Symbolic Acts this time around is a 4-track demo, with vocals. The only thing that’s weird is very sharp editing between sections, but it makes sense for a demo for a song they weren’t wholly familiar with yet. This album is pretty fantastic, no song is really weak and others get better each time I hear them.

Final Rating: 9/10

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