Album 0334: Weird Al Yankovic – In 3-D


Release Date: 1984
Genre: Comedy/Pop


1. Eat It (03:21)
2. Midnight Star (04:35)
3. The Brady Bunch (02:42)
4. Buy Me A Condo (03:53)
5. I Lost On Jeopardy (03:29)
6. Polkas On 45 (04:20)
7. Mr. Popeil (04:43)
8. King Of Suede (04:15)
9. That Boy Could Dance (03:35)
10. Theme From Rocky XIII (The Rye Or The Kaiser) (03:38)
11. Nature Trail To Hell (05:51)

Total Length: 44:22

Eat It kicks off the album with a fun parody of Beat It. I like the lyrics and the added sound effects, and it stays true to the original song too with a pretty great guitar solo. Midnight Star is an original track, and this is where I should note that the production is way more refined and improved over the first album. Everything sounds more mature, odd as that sounds. I like this song well enough, though it goes on a bit long.

The Brady Bunch is a Safety Dance parody, and it’s upbeat but it’s as straightforward as the original. The lyrics aren’t quite as good as some others. Buy Me A Condo is a general reggae parody, and I honestly really like it. It’s cheesy sure, but I love the little effects and I’m a weird sucker for Al’s voice. I Lost On Jeopardy is a parody of a song called Jeopardy, it’s kind of fun but the voice-over part, while cool, gets annoying after the first time you hear it.

Polkas On 45 is Al’s first polka mega-medley, and there are too many songs to list them all. It’s just a really fun track and I always love the polkas. Mr. Popeil is a pastiche of the B-52s and has some fun moments in it. King Of Suede is a parody of King of Pain, it’s decent. That Boy Could Dance is the second original song on here, and I think it’s pretty boring. Kind of disappointing.

Theme From Rocky XIII (The Rye Or The Kaiser) is an obvious parody, and it’s played pretty well but frankly at this point I get tired of the song after like a minute and a half. Nature Trail To Hell is the final original track, and it’s long and sort of boring too. Not really sure what it was going for. Other than these last few tracks I was really enjoying the album though. Again, it’s a big step up from his first.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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