Album 0336: Dream Theater – When Dream And Day Unite


Release Date: 1989
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. A Fortune In Lies (05:12)
2. Status Seeker (04:17)
3. Ytse Jam (05:43)
4. The Killing Hand

    I. The Observance
    II. Ancient Renewal
    III. The Stray Seed
    IV. Thorns
    V. Exodus (08:42)

5. Light Fuse And Get Away (07:24)
6. Afterlife (05:27)
7. The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun (08:05)
8. Only A Matter Of Time (06:38)

Total Length: 51:28

A Fortune In Lies is a strong starting song, with a catchy main riff and chorus, and everything else working pretty well. The instrumental section in particular has some nice solos and one section that builds up with a strong Pink Floyd influence, it’s just the right amount of unnerving. Status Seeker is definitely the weakest song on here. It was one of the last songs written for the album, and by all accounts was meant to be a single, the big song for the album. It fails on that level but it’s not necessarily bad. Just kind of boring but it has a couple nice moments.

Ytse Jam is an instrumental, and set the tone for all of the band’s instrumentals to come. It covers a lot of ground and is generally fun. It’s a bit strange, in that all their songs are written as instrumentals first, but if the finished product is meant to be an instrumental then they go a bit more nuts, which is true in this case. The Killing Hand is a large song, you could consider it their first epic, despite the shorter length. The opening is a decent acoustic bit, and the next bit is cool. I like the synths in the back. The rest of the song flows pretty well, and I like the climax though Charlie can’t exactly pull off the note well.

Light Fuse And Get Away has a decent intro that turns into a really solid riff/rhythm that gets stuck in my head. I also really love the effects on the vocals right when Charlie comes in, and it’s a shame they never replicated that in later recordings. I basically have a soft spot for this song. Afterlife is a solid song as well, though it’s the other recordings of it that I really enjoy.

The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun starts off with some useless samples honestly, but once the music starts things get good. The buildup is cheesy and honestly kind of amateur because the timing on the bass just doesn’t work, yet I can’t help but like it. The rest of the song honestly is a bit long but the chorus is good. Only A Matter Of Time finishes off the album, and it is definitely one of the stronger tracks. Also has one of my more favorite Charlie moments, and again James has never quite done that tiny moment as well. The ending is a great finisher too. This album has its issues, but it’s pretty enjoyable and has a decent flow, where it doesn’t feel like too much time is passing by listening to it. The issues do include shoddy production and mixing, but it’s also a product of its time in that regard.

Final Rating: 8/10


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