Album 0337: Iced Earth – Something Wicked This Way Comes


Release Date: 1998
Genre: Power Metal


1. Burning Times (03:44)
2. Melancholy (Holy Martyr) (04:47)
3. Disciples Of The Lie (04:04)
4. Watching Over Me (04:29)
5. Stand Alone (02:44)
6. Consequences (05:37)
7. My Own Savior (03:39)
8. Reaping Stone (04:02)
9. 1776 (03:33)
10. Blessed Are You (05:06)
11. Something Wicked: I. Prophecy (06:18)
12. Something Wicked: II. Birth Of The Wicked (04:16)
13. Something Wicked: III. The Coming Curse (09:33)

Total Length: 01:01:53

Burning Times rips the album open with a great riff, and is a fun song. It can a bit generic at times but is still enjoyable. Melancholy (Holy Martyr) begins with a downtrodden opening, before gaining some traction for the chorus. It goes back and forth for the rest of the song, and is a neat mixture. Disciples Of The Lie is one of the best songs on here, the riff is catchy as hell and the whole song is fierce.

Watching Over Me is a really nice song. It’s kind of a pop song done in metal form, but I really like it, and it definitely adds some weight onto it once you learn the story behind the song. Stand Alone is a fast little song, just heavy and cool. Consequences is pretty good as well. It is mostly acoustic with some heavier passages, and those parts have some great riffs. The song could maybe be a bit shorter, but eh.

My Own Savior isn’t quite as some of the other tracks, but still quite solid. I really like the production on this album, as well. Reaping Stone has a neat bridge but otherwise I’m not too big on the song. 1776 is an instrumental, and it’s pretty great. The best moment by far is a massive riff with flutes in the background. Blessed Are You is like some of the other tracks on here, soft during the verses and heavy during the chorus. I still kind of like it.

Prophecy is a bit more progressive and I really enjoy it. As the first part of the trilogy here on the end of the album, it works super well. Birth Of The Wicked is good as well, just some really nice riffs. The Coming Curse is big and pretty awesome, a hell of a way to the end the album. The only thing I really don’t like about this album is when I realized it’s very structured. Heavy song alternating with soft songs, and those softer songs all having the same outline as well. I still enjoy the album plenty, though.

Final Rating: 8/10


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