Album 0338: Manilla Road – Crystal Logic

Manilla Road - Crystal Logic 1983 Album Cover

Release Date: 1983
Genre: Heavy Metal


1. Prologue (01:36)
2. Necropolis (03:10)
3. Flaming Metal System (05:43)
4. Crystal Logic (06:01)
5. Feeling Free Again (02:49)
6. The Riddle Master (04:41)
7. The Ram (03:47)
8. The Veils Of Negative Existence (04:34)
9. Dreams Of Eschaton/Epilogue (12:01)

Total Length: 44:23

Prologue is kind of creepy and a nice intro track. Necropolis has a great riff and insanely catchy chorus. Everything about this song is cool. Flaming Metal System has a bad, cheesy intro but once the song gets going it’s pretty enjoyable. Crystal Logic also has a not-so-great intro but again the song is great past that point. The riffs are cool and the lyrics are kind of neat too.

Feeling Free Again is a shorter song that has some neat things in it, but isn’t quite as memorable as some of the other tracks. The Riddle Master has a super cool chorus, it’s really impressive. The rest of the song stands up well too. The Ram is pretty great, especially the second half when things kick into gear fully. I will say that one thing I don’t like about this album sometimes is the production. The band could be heavier, and the vocals are way too displaced from the music.

The Veils Of Negative Existence is a fairly strong track as well. Dreams Of Eschaton/Epilogue is a large track. It has an extended intro that is nice and calm, before getting into some cool riffs. The majority of the track is cool too, with a really long solo section. The last bit as well is kind of neo-classical and a fine ending. This is still a bit of a weird album for me, but I’m getting into it more and see/hear its value.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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