Album 0340: Angantyr – Sejr

Angantyr - Sejr - Front

Release Date: 2004
Genre: Black Metal


1. En Falden Kriger (A Fallen Warrior) (08:00)
2. Niddingdåd (Misdeed) (06:36)
3. Sølverpilens Kald (The Call Of The Silver Arrow) (06:43)
4. Hadets Sorte Flamme (The Black Flame Of Hatred) (06:03)
5. Blodets Er Styrken (The Blood Is The Strength) (08:30)
6. Slettes Skal Mindet (Deleted Must The Memory Be) (06:18)
7. Tag Dig I Agt (Be Prepared) (05:02)
8. Sejr (Victory) (07:16)

Total Length: 54:26

En Falden Kriger has a nice intro which is honestly kind of ruined when the music suddenly shifts and the intro has almost no bearing on the rest of the track. The majority of the song is a pounding black metal blitz, which is fairly nice but doesn’t really offer anything too special for me. I am glad the strings come back in the last few minutes. Niddingdåd is a bit better for me, the riffs are better and a bit more relaxing, in that strange sense.

Sølverpilens Kald is pretty cool but honestly a bit long. Hadets Sorte Flamme is alright as well, sounds like the other tracks. Blodets Er Styrken is pretty nice, again it’s hard to differentiate these songs.

Slettes Skal Mindet is more of the same. Tag Dig I Agt is as well. Sejr has a nice ending at least. I tried, I tried to get into this but it’s just not clicking. This is baseline stuff that does nothing for me.

Final Rating: 6/10

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