Album 0341: Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer – Schematics


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Pop/Punk/Synth Rock


1. The Way It Goes (02:23)
2. Can’t Stand It (02:49)
3. Way Away (02:25)
4. Death Or Radio (03:19)
5. This Briskness (Java) (02:11)
6. I Did It (02:58)
7. Secret Circuits (02:26)
8. The Moon And Mars (03:12)
9. I’m A Rock & Roll Mess (02:18)
10. So Scared (03:11)

Total Length: 27:11

The Way It Goes has a pretty cool opening riff, and the chorus is neat as well. Only the verse leaves a little bit to be desired. Can’t Stand It is mostly decent, though I do enjoy the chorus. Way Away has a neat hook and the vocal line is amazing. It’s very sing-songy and unbelievably catchy. This is what I love about this band. Death Or Radio is pretty fun, though sadly not on the level of the last song.

This Briskness (Java) could be better at least. I Did It has a fun chorus but that’s about it. Secret Circuits is a decent enough track. The Moon And Mars has a nice hook and is mostly fun. I’m A Rock & Roll Mess has some goofy lyrics and is fun. So Scared has some neat instruments that don’t appear anywhere else in here and it’s a fun track. I wish the rest of the album was as good as track three, but none of the songs are bad.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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