Album 0344: Shadow Gallery – Carved In Stone


Release Date: 1995
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal


1. Cliffhanger (08:42)
2. Interlude #1 (00:41)
3. Crystalline Dream (05:44)
4. Interlude #2 (00:44)
5. Don’t Ever Cry, Just Remember (06:29)
6. Interlude #3 (01:03)
7. Warcry (06:00)
8. Celtic Princess (02:05)
9. Deeper Than Life (04:33)
10. Interlude #4 (00:16)
11. Alaska (05:18)
12. Interlude #5 (00:19)
13. Ghostship: I. The Gathering The Night Before (02:42)
14. Ghostship: II. Voyage (01:38)
15. Ghostship: III. Dead Clam (02:33)
16. Ghostship: IV. Approaching Storm (02:24)
17. Ghostship: V. (05:38)
18. Ghostship: VI. Enchantment (03:58)
19. Ghostship: VII. Legend (02:54)
20. TG94 (Thanks Giving 1994) (07:24)

Total Length: 01:11:04

Cliffhanger has an extended intro mostly focused on keyboard effects, before getting the rest of the band into the song. At this point one could say the song kind of resembles some Queensryche material, but the band kind of does their own thing with it after a point. A big, strong song to kick off the album. Interlude #1 simply works as a bridge between songs, while the previous track was fading out. It’s a nice little piece though, much better than other interludes I’ve heard have tried to be.

Crystalline Dream is kind of pure cheese but I’ll be damned if that chorus doesn’t get stuck in my head for hours at a time. It’s also very Eternity X, so I like that about it. Interlude #2 is cool too, little bit of dark neo-classical for a few moments. Don’t Ever Cry, Just Remember has that same Eternity X flair. It’s super cool and the feelings it gives me are worth a lot. Interlude #3 feels like the proper ending to the track as well.

Warcry is a really nice song as well, with a good builup that pays off. Celtic Princess is a really cool little instrumental, though closer to an interlude in that sense. Deeper Than Life is heavier than most tracks for its length, but not quite as good. Interlude #4 is kind of useless honestly. Alaska is more of a ballad and sticks in my mind, but I can’t say I love it. Interlude #5 is the last bit before the 22-minute epic, it’s really not of importance though.

The Gathering The Night Before starts off the Ghostship suite, and it’s again cheesy but very cool. Voyage is a cool little piece, while Dead Calm is just what its name implies, calm and collected. Approaching Storm is creepy and builds the tension some more. Storm is a very cool track. Enchantment is a piano only track, a nice little interlude before we reach the finale of sorts. Legend is a good culmination and the ending works well.

TG94 (Thanks Giving 1994) is a weird bonus track, with some knocking sounds for a few minutes to start off the track. The rest is a mostly synth based track with what seems like semi-random musings. Some of it seems to echo bits of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, while the rest has a fairly clear holiday vibe. It’s an odd little end to the album, but nice. I really enjoy this and it quite surprised me how much I liked the first time I heard it.

Final Rating: 9/10


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