Album 0345: Yes – Drama


Release Date: 1980
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. Machine Messiah (10:28)
2. White Car (01:21)
3. Does It Really Happen? (06:36)
4. Into The Lens (08:32)
5. Run Through The Light (04:43)
6. Tempus Fugit (05:22)
7. Into The Lens (I Am A Camera) (03:48)
8. Run Through The Light (04:31)
9. Have We Really Got To Go Through This (03:43)
10. Song No. 4 (Satellite) (07:32)
11. Tempus Fugit (05:40)
12. White Car (01:11)
13. Dancing Through The Light (03:17)
14. Golden Age (05:58)
15. In The Tower (02:55)
16. Friend Of A Friend (03:38)

Total Length: 01:19:14

Machine Messiah starts off this classic album with itself being a classic track. The song has a great intro, and just keeps pace for the whole song. Even in the slower, acoustic section the song just keeps driving and it never once gets boring. Just great classic Yes, even if Jon Anderson and Alan Wakeman weren’t in the band at the time. White Car is a fun little track, it’s almost too big of a track compared to its length, but that’s what helps make it special.

Does It Really Happen? has a really cool rhythm, as well as a super-neat a capella section followed by some really fun-sounding percussion. The song isn’t the best on here, but it is still pretty great. Into The Lens is probably my favorite track on the album, it’s just so upbeat and just a tad bit off and I can’t help but sing along the whole time. The intro is also cool, as well as all the little neat bits throughout.

Run Through The Light is fantastic as well. The chorus is simply amazing and it can get stuck in my head for days. Tempus Fugit is a bit more nuts and pretty enjoyable, but personally a bit disappointing as the end to the regular album after the last two tracks. Into The Lens (I Am A Camera) is the single version of the song, and it is okay but of course loses a bit.

Run Through The Light is also the single version, and this arrangement makes the whole song feel a bit slower and not as good. Have We Really Got To Go Through This is a decent instrumental, kind of basic though. Song No. 4 (Satellite) is a longer instrumental, though it feels a bit more like a jam. It’s okay but I don’t really listen to it often. Tempus Fugit is from tracking sessions, and the next track is as well. It seems like the lyrics aren’t quite finished as at some points there are just vocalizations instead. It’s kind of a neat look into the studio.

White Car is completely different, with more focus on just the vocals rather than a symphonic edge. Dancing Through The Light begins the last group of songs from the ‘Paris sessions’. This track is like an odd remix of the original, but I kind of dig it. Golden Age is upbeat and interesting, but honestly goes on a bit long. In The Tower seems to have the same idea as White Car, a little song that tells a story. It’s kind of neat. Friend Of A Friend is an alright track as well. I really love the main album but honestly don’t pay attention to the bonus stuff too much.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

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