Album 0346: Misteur Valaire – Golden Bombay


Release Date: 2010
Genre: Electropop


1. Brandon Marlow (05:32)
2. Gumshoe (03:27)
3. Ave Mucho (03:07)
4. November Number 3 (02:36)
5. Dan Dan (02:43)
6. Mojo Ego (02:47)
7. Lillehammer (04:47)
8. Mama Donte (01:48)
9. Monster Donte (03:53)
10. Sweet Charlemagne (06:24)
11. Gordon Bombay (06:34)

Total Length: 43:38

Brandon Marlow has an absolutely amazing intro, it’s unbelievably catchy and is the way you start an album. The use of the samples is, for me, some of the best I’ve heard because they compliment the music rather than trying to play against or to the side of it. This is a group so it’s a bit weird to figure out how many members and what each is doing for me, but it’s okay. Gumshoe kind of has a Gorillaz flair, with some rap and such. It’s quite fun.

Ave Mucho has some of those same qualities, and is pretty upbeat and fun. I especially like the use of horns. November Number 3 is a bit softer but still really nice. Dan Dan literally has like 2/3 of the song of storms melody in it, it’s a pretty cool instrumental. Mojo Ego is the first track in French, and it’s really nice. It’s a mix of a whole bunch of things and just really happy, unless the lyrics are betraying that.

Lillehammer is a fantastic instrumental, especially the last minute or so, when the BPM seems to double and it’s just lovely. Mama Donte is probably my least favorite track on here. It’s kind of aggressive but doesn’t work for me. Monster Donte is a bit better, as well as instrumental, but it doesn’t hold up to some of the other tracks. Sweet Charlemagne has a fairly neat first half, but the second half is ridiculously good.

Gordon Bombay is a bit of an odd last track, it’s a slow fizz as the song builds more and more tension before it’s suddenly gone. It’s fairly cool. This album confused the hell out of me at first but now I think it’s very well done. A few tracks don’t catch me as much, but the rest are quite nice.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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