Album 0347: Dark Suns – Orange


Release Date: 2011
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. Toy (03:54)
2. Eight Quiet Minutes (03:54)
3. Elephant (04:56)
4. Diamond (03:14)
5. Not Enough Fingers (05:00)
6. Ghost (06:27)
7. That Is Why They All Hate You In Hell (04:32)
8. Vespertine (08:27)
9. Scaleman (05:21)
10. Antipole (14:14)

Total Length: 01:00:00

On the same year Opeth decide to forego most of their heavier elements for a throwback album to the smooth sound of 70s prog rock, Dark Suns do the same thing. Toy starts off with a frantic feeling and keeps it up, with random jabs of horns and the drums always having a quick pace even if the other instruments slow down. As the name implies, it’s kind of a fun song. Eight Quiet Minutes uses a couple different vocal styles throughout, and is a pretty nice yet hard to pin down track.

Elephant is pretty great, especially for the chorus. It’s just a good feeling all around. Diamond has a super-cool rhythm to it, and is just a neat slice. Not Enough Fingers is an extremely calm instrumental. It never really goes above what it starts out at and works as a nice breather in the middle (or rather, one-third point) of the album. Ghost is a fairly nice song that I can’t wrap my head around.

That Is Why They All Hate You In Hell however starts awesome and doesn’t let up. Fantastic track. After the slower intro in Vespertine it kind of sounds a lot like the Cake song about turning the screws. Past that point, the song keeps evolving a bit and is nice. Scaleman is fairly cool too, the guitars are just cool to listen to. The song also brings back horns for the first time since the opening track.

Antipole attacks with antipole. Okay, I just have to make that dumb joke/reference every time I see the song name. The first few minutes of the track are kind of neat but blend in with the rest of the album, but the song keeps changing and finding new ways to keep pressing on. This is probably my main issue with the album, it focuses a bit more on theme and atmosphere rather than having interesting melodies and rhythms that stick with you, like Beardfish tends to do. However, I think this is a better attempt at the style than Opeth did, because it feels more genuine and aims to have fun with it.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

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