Album 0350: Devin Townsend – Infinity


Release Date: 1998
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Truth (03:59)
2. Christeen (03:41)
3. Bad Devil (04:53)
4. War (06:29)
5. Soul Driven Cadillac (05:15)
6. Ants (02:01)
7. Wild Colonial Boy (03:05)
8. Life Is All Dynamics (05:07)
9. Unity (06:58)
10. Noisy Pink Bubbles (05:21)
11. Sister (live acoustic) (02:16)
12. Hide Nowhere (live acoustic) (05:03)
13. Man (1996 demo) (05:12)

Total Length: 59:18

Truth starts off with some catchy guitars and cool riffs, before going into an insanely cool section where circus vocals kind of form the backing bit along with the guitar going down the scale. It’s simply amazing and the best part of the track. Christeen is more like a pop song done Devy style, it’s really fun and the chorus gets stuck in my head. Bad Devil kind of amps it up, with a bit of fun, Halloween flair to it. The organ and horns add a whole other dimension and it sounds like some joy is being had.

War is fairly good, but kind of a different beast. The song just kind of plods it on, though not necessarily in a bad way. It’s more like the song has a steady rhythm and kind of builds on that, until the odd ending. Enjoyable but strange. Soul Driven Cadillac is pretty similar. It’s not the best material Devin has but it’s fine, and again the ending is weird. Ants is absolutely nuts and kind of a pinnacle of how weird Devin can be when he lets loose. It’s fast and crazy and hard to keep up with.

Wild Colonial Boy again has a bit of that circus feel and is upbeat. I quite enjoy it, especially the little bits of percussion in the background. Life Is All Dynamics is a bigger song. Devin definitely does these better on later albums, but this is still an engaging track here. Unity has a fine intro, but it great once it gets going. The song gives off a nice atmosphere and is a fitting ‘end’ to the album, even though there’s one more track and then bonus songs.

Noisy Pink Bubbles is kind of odd and does whatever its wants, meandering along. There are some nice moments in it. Sister is a live track, done acoustically. The intro is kind of grating, but once the melody kicks in the song is really nice. There’s even a funny moment at the end, where Devin tells an audience member to shut up. Hide Nowhere is done in the same style, and it’s kind of loose but a nice change of pace from the original. Man is a demo track, it’s pretty cool and has some neat moments. This isn’t entirely one of my favorite Devy albums, but it’s got its own thing going on and some tracks that are absolutely memorable.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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