Album 0351: Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Lost In The New Real


Release Date: 2012
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal



1. The New Real (06:24)
2. Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin (03:36)
3. Parental Procreation Permit (05:03)
4. When I’m A Hundred Sixty-Four (02:31)
5. E-Police (04:07)
6. Don’t Switch Me Off (04:06)
7. Dr. Slumber’s Eternity Home (03:51)
8. Yellowstone Memorial Day (03:31)
9. Where Pigs Fly (03:47)
10. Lost In The New Real (10:19)


1. Our Imperfect Race (06:27)
2. Welcome To The Machine (04:45)
3. So Is There No God? (04:41)
4. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars (04:34)
5. The Social Recluse (03:55)
6. The Battle Of Evermore (05:28)
7. The Space Hotel (03:49)
8. Some Other Time (03:21)
9. You Have Entered The Reality Zone (03:24)
10. I’m The Slime (02:53)

Total Length: 01:30:33

The New Real starts off the album in a pretty massive way. First, by having Rutger Hauer introduce the story of the album, something related to Ayreon but wholly its own thing. Arjen basically plays a guy woken up in the future and everything follows from that idea. The song has a great buildup and one really cool heavy part, to be expanded upon later. Basically a fantastic intro song for the album and for Arjen’s first solo project in a very long time.

Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin references four of the biggest bands in its title alone, and the song is about whether or not there can be new music in the future. The lyrics are fun and the chorus in particular is totally catchy. Parental Procreation Permit is a great track as well, again the lyrics are interesting and the ending bit with random growled vocals is oddly amazing.

When I’m A Hundred Sixty-Four is another Beatles reference, and the song is upbeat and I like the Celtic feel. Very nice little track. E-Police is honestly a stronger track though, more driving and the lyrics are a bit better. Simply amazing track that gets stuck in my head. Don’t Switch Me Off is a bit of a change to a more downtrodden bit, and the song has some great moments and a good ending.

Dr. Slumber’s Eternity Home is unbelievably happy while presenting some darker lyrics. I really love this track. Yellowstone Memorial Day has a stupidly cheesy intro (thanks Arjen) but once it gets past that point the song is pretty good. Doesn’t quite hold up to some of the other tracks on here, but that’s fine. Where Pigs Fly kind of seems like another reference to a classic band, despite the idiom being around for a long time. I just really love this track, the music is happy and catchy and the lyrics are a fun twist on pop culture references, as if looking into an alternate dimension.

Lost In The New Real caps off the main album in a ridiculous way. The majority of the song honestly kind of treads some of the same ground as the first track, but it’s all worth it about eight minutes in when that powerful riff makes it return with a lot more oomph backing it and the song kind of explodes into something fantastic. The second disc is a mixture of covers by some of the bands mentioned throughout the album, as well as unused songs that, for whatever reason, Arjen didn’t feel fit in the main thoroughfare.

Our Imperfect Race has some neat moments but kind of feels like it tries to do too much in its length and just doesn’t catch me. Make no mistake though, this second disc may be ‘leftovers’ in a sense but they sound just as good as the regular album and songs even connect a bit, as the fadeout leads right into the next track. Welcome To The Machine is a Pink Floyd cover, and I can’t say I really like how the main riff sounds but otherwise Arjen’s take on the track is neat.

So Is There No God? has some good ideas as well, but I don’t really like the intro and the chorus is really weak. Basically the song overall just doesn’t do much for me. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars is a Blue Oyster Cult cover, and it’s simply amazing. The atmosphere is just oozing off the song, and the lyrics are fantastic. This song alone makes me wonder why I haven’t paid much attention to Blue Oyster Cult more.

The Social Recluse kind of hits close to home, but not in a really painful way. It’s more just commentary on the situation, presenting both good and bad parts. Really nice track. The Battle Of Evermore is a Led Zeppelin cover, and it keeps the mysticism that was in the original but I’m still not really big on the song. The Space Hotel doesn’t seem to have a point necessarily but I like what it does, it just sounds nice.

Some Other Time is a cover of The Alan Parsons Project, and it’s great. The song is smooth and calm, and the chorus with the use of synths is fantastic. You Have Entered The Reality Zone is a pretty nice track, I enjoy it a lot. The backing vocals aren’t so good though, it reminds me of something bad that I can’t quite put my finger on. I’m The Slime ends things with an amazing, fun Frank Zappa cover. Arjen kind of goes over the top even more than the original song was, and changes some of the lyrics to fit the modern time but it totally works. This song is incredible and I’m not sure how you could dislike it. This whole album is inviting and outstanding, I never hate listening through it.

Final Rating: 9/10


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