Album 0352: Nazgul – Awaiting The Battle Ravens


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Black Metal


1. At The Gates Of Samhain Night (00:59)
2. Land Of My Ancestors (04:41)
3. Born In Unbaptised Forest (06:06)
4. Awaiting The Battle Ravens (05:45)
5. Celtiberian Werewolf Warriors (05:48)
6. Wrath Of Taranis (02:09)
7. Under The Barbarian Swords (03:42)
8. …And The Snow Fall In The Forest (05:22)

Total Length: 34:33

At The Gates Of Samhain Night is one of the coolest intros to a black metal release ever. A guitar and bass driven little piece with slight percussion backing. Land Of My Ancestors has some cool riffs and the vocals work okay. I can’t say that there is anything terribly innovative here. Born In Unbaptised Forest has some neat moments that echo the intro, it at least adds some variety to the flow.

Awaiting The Battle Ravens has some neat rhythms but otherwise doesn’t do anything for me. Celtiberian Werewolf Warriors at least has a cool title, but the rest of it leaves much to be desired. Wrath Of Taranis is a good interlude though, very atmospheric and relaxing. Under The Barbarian Swords is a decent track. …And The Snow Fall In The Forest is pretty competent, but not enough to redeem everything. This album is just plain boring to me. I should not that this is the Nazgul from Spain, there is another Nazgul as well.

Final Rating: 5/10


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