Album 0353: The Bruce Lee Band – The Bruce Lee Band


Release Date: 1997
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Superman (01:22)
2. Gerry Is Strong (01:55)
3. Calling For Me (02:00)
4. List (00:42)
5. Hongulmamotaya (02:16)
6. Standing Up For Justice (01:30)
7. Mr. Hanelei (02:23)
8. Proud (01:47)
9. Going Insane (02:11)
10. Song #3 (Part 2) (00:47)
11. Brother, Brother (01:37)
12. Loved By Ann B. Davis (01:51)
13. Konsomida (02:24)
14. She’s An Angel (02:04)
15. Don’t Sit Next To Me Just Because I’m Asian (17:59)

Total Length: 42:49

The Bruce Lee Band is more of a front, it’s Mike Park’s solo project but on the two releases thus far he had another band act as the backing band for him. On this album, it’s Less Than Jake so it’s all their instruments as well as some of the backing vocals. Superman starts off with a sample from the Superman cartoon, and plenty of other tracks on here start with a sample as well. The song itself is fun and quick and has some cool lyrics.

Gerry Is Strong is upbeat as well, it has some neat moments in it. You can hear Roger and Chris providing the backing vocals in this one which is neat. Calling For Me sounds like this really strange mixture of Less Than Jake and Skankin’ Pickle which entirely makes sense. It’s kind of cool to hear though. List is a tiny little track and not as interesting as the others so far. Hongulmamotaya seems to be entirely in Korean, though my lack of knowledge in the language can’t confirm that. I also really like the horn riff and the rhythm of the track.

Standing Up For Justice is the odd man out on this whole album as Chris takes over lead vocal duties. I’m surprised this song didn’t get handed around at any point in time as a ‘rare’ LTJ song. Really neat though. Mr. Hanelei has a bit more in common with Mike’s solo records, it’s acoustic driven and a really odd retelling of the Hawaii episodes of The Brady Bunch. Proud is mixed oddly but just fun to listen to.

Going Insane is fairly fun but not too special. Song #3 (Part 2) is only notable for it’s tiny length but otherwise does nothing for me. Brother, Brother is super fun and great. Loved By Ann B. Davis brings back The Brady Bunch references, and the song is a bit above average. Konsomida has a really neat riff, and also seems to be in Korean as well. This time though he got Chris and Roger to sing some as well, which is kind of surreal.

She’s An Angel is a cover of They Might Be Giants and it works really well in the chorus but the rest of the song feels off. Don’t Sit Next To Me Just Because I’m Asian is a funny song where Mike takes hold of a stereotype and messes with it. He does this some on his other solo albums as well. It’s another acoustic track and pretty fun. The song actually ends at about 2:20, followed by five minutes of silence. The bonus material is another nice acoustic song for two and a half minutes, five more minutes of silence, then the band covers the Gilligan’s Island theme, and that last one may as well be a lost Less Than Jake song. It’s exactly how they would cover it on their own time. The last couple minutes are some studio chatter and one final sample. The album has grown on me over time, and I kind of like it more each time. There are some strong moments in it and I’d love to hear Mike take another swing with some of these songs.

Final Rating: 7/10


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