Album 0354: Pink Floyd – The Division Bell


Release Date: 1994
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. Cluster One (05:57)
2. What Do You Want From me (04:22)
3. Poles Apart (07:04)
4. Marooned (05:30)
5. A Great Day For Freedom (04:17)
6. Wearing The Inside Out (06:49)
7. Take It Back (06:12)
8. Coming Back To Life (06:19)
9. Keep Talking (06:11)
10. Lost For Words (05:13)
11. High Hopes (08:34)

Total Length: 01:06:27

Cluster One is kind of a mess of an intro track. It’s meant to be highly atmospheric and I suppose build tension, but it just doesn’t work. The first couple minutes could have been discarded and would have made no difference, for example. The thing is that the band has done similar things, such as on Crazy Diamond, but there it eventually led up to a breaking point, it made it all worth it. This song does neither of these. I also don’t count the stronger opening of What Do You Want From Me as the realization of what the first track was building to. The song itself has some nice points in it, but overall the song annoys me for some unknown reason.

Poles Apart is a much better track, even though it goes on too long. The rhythms of the vocals and guitars are quite neat, and even the useless bridge/instrumental section has some neat moments with the carnival in the background. Marooned is a fairly nice instrumental, definitely one of the stronger tracks on the album. A Great Day For Freedom begins in a memorable way, referencing their album that had been made over a decade ago. After that though, the song doesn’t go anywhere for me and is a bit of a dud.

Wearing The Inside Out has an ungodly bad intro though. Who approved this porn music? Past that there’s a couple neat rhythms, but the song just isn’t for me. Take It Back is just kind of boring. There’s a piece of an interesting track here, but there was no restraint taken on this album it feels, they just kind of let things linger and go on because whatever. Coming Back To Life kind of has two intros. The first sucks, and the second feels like a retread of what happened earlier in the album. Once the song finally starts proper (like over two minutes in) it’s kind of fun but has the same issue as the last track in that it overstays its welcome.

Keep Talking has some neat ideas but kind of flounders on them. I’m just not fond of the Apple talk program thing, and the backing vocals are unbearably cheesy and distracting. It’s funny though, I almost wrote ‘talkbox’ in the previous sentence but forgot that there actually is a talkbox in the track. I’ll give it points just for using a talkbox in a song questioning why people won’t talk to each other. Lost For Words is just sort of boring outside of the random ‘fuck’ in the lyrics. High Hopes has some neat bells at the bit, but some of the lyrics are delivered poorly, like they were forced into something smaller than they should have been. That said, the solo section is quite good and the use of keys is great. In the end though, none of it holds up. There is not a single song that invites me back to this album and none of it is really memorable. It’s kind of pitiful, and I’ve tried to like this album for more than what it is.

Final Rating: 4.5/10


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